Thursday, January 28, 2016

Burberry lip pencil Union Red

So I've finally finally nailed down my everyday makeup routine. I don't feel I should devote my mornings to getting my face on, and my skin is irritated by every product ever. I hate having to "train" myself not to wipe my eyes or face--it's morning...I'm sleepy. I'm not going to party. I'm heading to the office. But I've finally figured it out.

I've written about my love for lip pencils before. Seriously, why bother with lipstick? You get perfect lines every time and it stays on forever. You also don't get that awful greasy feeling with lipstick. Pencils are the best. There are times when I look in the mirror and and I'm like "Oh yeah, I'm wearing makeup! That's why everyone's friendly to me today."

While I love the Makeup Forever bright red I talked about in the link above, I wanted something a little more sophisticated and a little more spookier for my more work-goth outfits--like a darker red. I went to Sephora and got the Burberry lip pencil in Union Red (No. 11) ($30). I also e-mailed customer service to ask if it was lead-free and they said it was, so that's a plus. It's awesome.  It even comes with a great pencil sharpener.

The color payoff is fantastic... You barely have to press down. The pic below shows the color the best. It's a dark velvety red. 

(btw the collar was my mom's...I think from the 80s? early 90s? What decade, you guys think?)

The best thing about it is how long it lasts. Unless I'm eating a messy lunch and have to use a napkin a lot, it lasts all day. And that's with many many mugs of tea. Doesn't come off at all. It's awesome.

So I would recommend this. It's probably my favorite makeup product.


  1. You look fabulous in that choker and your lip pencil is a great colour! My skin is sensitive too so if I do makeup I do lipstick, eyeliner, maybe eyeshadow and that's it!

  2. Nice! That choker does look pretty 80s to me but hey what do I know! Lol. I really love that lip colour, it looks so great on you and because it's a pencil it's much more natural looking in texture. I enjoy wearing lip pencils and Matt lipsticks much more than your traditional lipstick too.

  3. That choker is simply fabulous :3 And I really like that lip colour, both on its own and on you ^^ My skin usually doesn't take to foundation too well, so I rarely use that. Most often it just causes me to have breakouts and I don't want to get into some cycle of getting breakouts because of using makeup and then having to use more makeup to cover up those breakouts, which in turn... etc. I did splurge and bought a couple of nice eyeshadow palettes this month though. I've been wanting to try out some nice eye looks, which include various types of smokey eye looks, for example.

  4. Choker=love. Lip pencil=love. I was already thinking about adding more lip pencils to the drawer-o-lip-stuff and you've inspired me to do so! ;)

  5. Very nice and I love how you styled your hair

  6. OMG I LOVE YOUR NECKLACE! My favourite lip pencils are MAC Nightmoth and Cyber but I really need to quit using MAC as they are not cruelty free. I wear every other type of makeup other than lipstick to work because I am half asleep when I drag my ass there and I will forget I have lip stuff on and make a huge mess of myself. I have myself "trained" not to touch my eyes or my face but for work I just can't do the lip thing.

  7. this look suits you so much! you look classy and on point, beautiful!
    I tried using lip pencils before, but found that the don´t stay as long as lipsticks for me and they dry my lips. Also application is faster for me with lipsticks? go figure hehe

  8. That lipstick is superb! The color is perfect for you and that resistance to tea mugs is top class. ^_^ Must put that on my list of future purchases!