Thursday, September 21, 2017

New York Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear Highlights

NY fashion week for spring/summer 18 has come and gone. Here are a few notables that I'd like to discuss.


 Ashish was really the only one who screamed "I'm goth" and, yes, it's likable and wearable. But it's basically the goth brands...except sequins.  You got the Wednesday Addams thing above and the nu-goth ironic sweater below. Yawn.

 So, back in December of 2016, I pretty much announced that I was bored of the "modern witch" style, though I still think it's a great everyday look and in hindsight, I'll say that it pretty much saved goth fashion. For me anyway. There was some point in the late 00s when the styles that excited my imagination just...didn't anymore. I got bored of it. The self-expression side and performance art side of it just wasn't there anymore (until nu-goth/modern witch). 

So that was just a long intro to the Gareth Pugh collection, which when I heard he did an "art fashion video" I rolled my eyes SO. DAMN. HARD. Usually that kind of stuff is SO dumb. I ended up watching all 16 minutes of it and it took me back to my own version of what "goth" was, which is a kind of a relict at this point. Dark, but in an ugly and troubling way. "Triggery" and horrifying. It reminded me of young me watching Help Me I'm in Hell or Happiness in Slavery.

The music reminded me of the Ant-Zen noise that shaped me in the way traditional goth music shaped many of my readers. Not sure if it'll be your thing, but the video is below. Stills first:

the modern dance was one of my favorite parts

As for the clothes, we've got future space ninja assassin:

and a more wearable flame drapey dress I'll bet someone will knock off.

The other collection I loved was Gucci's bizzaro 80s/vintage. fucks given. I just wouldn't even know what to think if goth versions of this showed up on my instagram feed. I'd think they lost their minds, and I think I'm totally trying this. That's pretty much my standard for things that excite me. What will make me stop scrolling on instagram. I need to buy new glasses soon, and I ALREADY KNOW which ones I'm buying.

if this were in black...

also if this were in black...much better use of sequins than Ashish

this is pretty much goth. I'm going to bet that one of the goth brands will knock this off a year from now.

Dude what is this!?  I also love the smeared lipstick

this hair!

I predict long wavy hair will be in and long modest dresses...
 Also not dark fashion, but I like, is Rocksanda. I could see this influencing dark styles, especially the sleeves. It really isn't hard being a goth brand. Just take the below styles and make them black.
bishop sleeves

extra long sleeves and "poet" tops. The pants too.
 Victorian styles at Simone Rocha kind of reflect what I've been seeing at a lot of fast fashion stores, and I'm kind of surprised I'm not seeing a lot of people embracing victorian goth, since it's having a moment right now. Maybe it's too soon? I know I want to buy some "modest" clothing...I almost bought such a dress at HM the other day, but the quality was terrible. 



  1. Fingers crossed for very long dresses to be "in"... I love those, but as a tall person have problems with finding something which is not 7/8 lenght instead of a full one. And yay for intricate sleeves! Those can make an otherwise simple outfit look like it took hours to prepare. Also, I know that's very cliche, but I've got a soft spot for Victorian-inspired stuff.

    1. *Everyone* was doing long dresses so that will definitely be in!

  2. Long dresses have always been my favorite! I'm definitely looking for ward to more coming back on the market.

    I always love some of you descriptions... "future space ninja assassin" in particular made me chuckle. I'm pretty sure they'd be hunting down the goth Pinocchio LARPer. ;)

    1. Haha thanks! Lol the long dresses trend saves me money, since I'm too short for them

  3. Obsessed with Gucci. It kind of still has a seventies vibe but in a way less trendy vibe than in past seasons. I've always wanted to incorporate this silly, overdone vintagy, what-are-you-doing kind of style into my own, but it's so hard to do right!

    1. Lol for sure... Especially if you're one of the first trendsetters. I was like one of the first people with round glasses and everyone was like what are you doing, Harry Potter?

  4. I'm taken aback by that Gareth collaboration-- it's very intriguing. I would love to watch it with someone and just bounce narratives as to the why's and what's lol.
    As for the fashion itelf, I do like the concept of flame clothing after watching the video-- but before, and I hate to say it, but it reminded me too soon of Guy Fieri and those button up shirts that plagued my high school days.

    I rather love the last dress you featured-- it has a Victorian-esque sillouette, but the print reminds me of Gunne Sax... both of which I actually really love, and perhaps not that unlike in the grander picture.
    Something I actually toyed with the idea of doing with my current vintage gunne sax patterns-- "gothing" them up, heh!
    Loved this post!

    1. The Victorian sillouettes we're almost on every runway... And I'm talking about the dropped shoulder big poofy sleeve modest strange!

  5. Asish - WHERE ARE THE SHOES???

    Gareth Pugh video - I am so not artsy and never "get" this kind of thing but I am fascinated by it.....I wonder what it must be like to have an artistic brain that is wired so as to bring these visions to life on film.

    Gareth Pugh clothes - The flame reminds me of those stupid button up shirts with flame trim that all the boys used to wear when I was in high school. That being said, I would probably wear it. I love the metallic stuff, I want some sweet metallics for my fall wardrobe! Also, I am loving all the RED!!

    Gucci - I REALLY want to try some wacko maximalist pattern mixing this year, we'll see how it looks really hard to pull off!

    Long dresses - YES PLEASE!!

    1. Ashish does the same thing I do when I don't own the right shoes but want to do a blog post or Instagram! Also you can pull off anything!