Thursday, October 26, 2017

How long do New Rock boots last and other questions

So, about two years ago, I did a post on what Google searches led people to my site. It was supposed to be a monthly post, but I never followed through! So here are searches the people searched that led them to my site!

rivet head and rivethead memes: lol I have no memes for you. Memes didn't exist back then. This used to be the term that industrial fans called themselves when we didn't want to be known as "goths". Old-school cyberpunk, separate from cybergoth, more military-inspired. As far as I know, no one calls themselves that anymore (let me know if I'm wrong in the comments!)  (posts mentioning rivetheads are here)

How long do New Rock boots last? I got a pair of Reactor boots in 1999. They were my first expensive purchase and I loved them more than anything. They are still wearable and I used to wear them every day for about six years. Nowadays they are slightly out of style and I wear them less, maybe a few times a year. That being said, they are were exceptionally well-made. Here's a list of problems I've had:

1999: bought
2000: the metal plate in the front broke
2006: stitching on the front flame undone, so slightly peeling. The flames are stitched on top, so it isn't like your foot is exposed.
2007: zipper broke and I had to get it redone at a shoemaker's. They also glued down the flame.
2008: the insole had lost its softness, so I had to buy insoles to put in.
2010: The heel had worn down so much that it was unwearable. A shoemaker fixed that by gluing a workboot heel on . They did a decent job...see the second photo.
2011-2017: Nothing really...I don't really wear them so much anymore so there haven't been any problems. This photo was from 2014:

heel can see how worn down the heel was! even wore down the metal!

How to wear New Rock boots? I did a post on this topic back in 2014, when nugoth was in style. New Rocks were the iconic shoes of the 00s, I'd say, and don't really fit with the nugoth aesthetic, where the shoes are very understated and minimal. I think that's totally changing now, and as 00s fashion returns, so will the big overdone shoes. I'm not sure how--I don't think in quite the same way, but we'll see. They are masculine shoes and goth shoes today are quite feminine.
from the linked post

Karen coil: Before I bought this necklace, I was searching for photos and reviews too. It's by Tawapa, and made of solid brass, like the actual Karen people's coils. Wow, does this make you appreciate theirs. It is extremely heavy, and I've got pretty strong shoulders, back, and neck (I can do headstands in yoga no problem for a minute or more). I can wear this for about 10 hours before I'm in pain. It is stunningly beautiful though. I find I do have to wipe this down after I wear it otherwise it has a metal smell--I have high-quality white brass and that doesn't have that problem. Maybe yellow brass does?

at work!

Is Killstar overpriced? I have a bodysuit, three dresses, a pair of earrings, and a belt from them. I've heard others say it's overpriced, but I'm going to say no, it's not overpriced. The dress below retails for $79 USD, which I think is fair for the quality. It's a heavyweight viscose that's also soft and stretchy and comfortable to wear. It also fits well. There's a lot of fabric there, and it makes sense that this would be more. The pentagram belt below was $45, which I think is a bargain considering it's stainless steel. They used pleather instead of leather to save costs, but I think $45 for a belt like the below is fair. You can't expect things to be HM or Forever21 prices. Nothing can be. That's why retail is dying. As for Killstar shoes, I don't own any, but I'm very very skeptical of pleather shoes over a hundred dollars. THAT will never seem worth it to me. Sorry, vegans. Buy canvas. Canvas biodegrades anyway.

Work shoes for goths: This is easy. Buy something comfortable and safe for your job. No heels if you are on your feet all day. Closed-toe shoes if you are lifting heavy things. Corporate? Whatever matches your outfit. The boots I'm wearing in the above photo are my go-to black shoes and they fit every outfit because they don't have any embellishment. I'd say any shoe can fit any situation if it isn't embellished. Here are some recent work outfit with shoes, mostly in my work bathroom lol. If they didn't want us taking selfies, they wouldn't have put this giant mirror:

What are people searching for on your blog?


  1. First of all, you look adorable! Personally, I find Killstar overpriced due to conversion rates USD to CDN as well as custom fees. Sometimes the owner of one of the local goth stores over here would put up a notification on FB that he is ordering from Killstar and we can add a few items with his order if we like. I think that is super nice of him!

    1. Oh right those customs fees! And the conversion rate must be terrible too. I hadn't thought of that!

  2. Ha ha ha I'm laughing at how your new rocks. Mine are 10 years old now. I tend wead the more for clubbing. I alit of sinister clothing I purchased years ago and seldom wear.

    1. I do like a lot of nu goth style but its basic wearable and comfortable.I've scene alot of the The killstar brands and some of the quality seem meh for the prices. I've becomming an evermore tight git I now make most my stuff or get second hand.

  3. That's an interesting variety of searches. :) The top searches for my blog are the names of my blog (GIY and goth it yourself) - not sure what to make of that - and goth diy/diy goth.

  4. I love the photo of you wearing the pentagram belt....beautiful! I haven't looked at my Google search term stats for a long time....I do remember having some reallllly weird ones in the past. That function is not working for me on Blogger right now for some reason.....I know that a lot of people get to my blog from searching for makeup-related things.

  5. ILl have to find out what people search for on my blog. Your new Rocks seem to have lasted a long time! I wear my heels down really badly!