Thursday, October 5, 2017

Personal Style: what's in/out for fall

I'm packing away my spring/summer clothes right now and am kind of overwhelmed with how much stuff I have--it seems like my apartment shrinks more and more. I'm recycling a bunch of stuff with H&M's recycling program (you get a 15% off coupon!) and selling a few things on Poshmark, including this Victorian cybergoth dress I hate so much:

I still have too much stuff I don't want to part with, so I'm going to get real with myself and pick out the things I'm actually going to wear and pack the other stuff away. I'm going to be inspired by capsule wardrobes, but obviously, I like changing my styles too much to limit myself to just 12 bottoms and 12 tops (even though that's 144 combinations, good enough for one season...see more math on Style This Life).

First, the stuff that's OUT and I'm packing away for another day. Still styles I love, but just not for this season:

OUT: Grunge (Plaid shirts, distressed denim, distressed anything) 
Nothing against it...just like other styles more now.
90s Levis Plaid shirt, 90s jeans cut into cutoffs
OUT: Corp Goth 
Playing with fire here since I work a very corporate job, but buttons are way to stuffy for me at the moment, and I'm kind of going through an age crises where I feel like I look too damn old. The look isn't cool--it's just corporate and old to me. Every one of my button-up shirts was packed away.
Shirt: Ben Sherman. Skirt: Brooks Brothers 
OUT: Military
What with WWIII around the corner, it's not cool for me. I saw a few goth brands bringing back the military thing (it was cool in the 00s) but I find it to be in poor taste.
all from the 00s. Pants are Kitchen Orange, not sure the rest
OUT: anything not in the 2017 color palette
This is just me trimming things out so I don't look out-of-date and out-of-touch. If you stay within the Pantone color palette, it'll look like everything you own is new, since that's what the clothing manufacturers are using.
no baby blues.
The stuff that's IN:
IN: Reds and Golds
Red is the in color for fall, and these two colors have been my makeup and accessories colors for a while, so I'm continuing. I'll do a dedicated gold post soon, but gold is starting to be popular among dark fashion bloggers. 

IN: big sleeves
This is part of the 00s revival that's happening now. I still have all my bell sleeves from the 00s, so why not while they're back in style
All vintage. Bell sleeves F21 (00s); corset top (90s), Skirt (80s)
IN: Ethno-goth
Mainstream fashion has directly influenced this trend in dark fashion, as many are taking a folk spin on their own styles. Embroidery, ethnic silhouettes or articles of clothing, patterns, etc. I do it in a way that isn't cultural appropriating, unlike those fetish geishas of the 00s yeesh.

IN: Medieval-inspired
Pretty much because I've got hair to braid now and I'm already halfway there with the big sleeves. Also last year I made some chainmail stuff and I got a bunch of corset-laced stuff when it was trendy last year.

What's IN and OUT for you for fall?


  1. I am so happy that the bell sleeves are in. I got a great top on sale!

    1. Lucky! I'm still waiting for The Perfect One....till then, wearing my old ones...

  2. You are so cute with your shaved head! :)

    I love bell sleeves! I have one whole shirt with bell sleeves because I always end up getting them in my food or shut in doors. Lol I don't actually change my wardrobe for the season now that I live in Atlanta since it feels like it's always hot except for January. I do have a new coat, though! I finally graduated out of my black hoodie. :)

    1. That's right! You only have one season! We'll at least you are never freezing lol