Monday, June 11, 2018

Personal style: what's in and out for summer 2018

The seasons have changed and so it's time to pack away what won't be worn (my "outs") and hang up what will be (my "ins").

IN: Black horn jewelry. I've been wearing gold and silver and bone for the past year, and I've missed all my black stuff!

IN: Big sleeves, a carry-over from fall. This will also be nice in the summer, protecting me from the sun while still being airy and cool.

OUT: Batwing sleeves. The volume is in the forearms these days

IN: Stripes. No reason, except I'm literally seeing stripes EVERYWHERE. All of NYC is wearing stripes right now

OUT: loose, unfitted t-shirts. For the same reason I'm packing away the batwing tops, the silhouette has changed.The waist is being defined now, and the below doesn't look cool to me anymore, it just looks sloppy.
IN: Hawaiian stuff--it is eeeeverywhere.

What are your ins and outs for summer?

1 comment:

  1. Interesting insight to what's in and out; it feels like the the early noughties fashion is coming back in to fashion. I'm loving the huge sleeves.