Saturday, February 2, 2013

Challenge #2: Goth Movies

So, Darkstalker Girl decided to do a Goth blog challenge (read more about it here), and I'm participating. This time it's goth movies. There's a huge potential for cheese here, so I'm not including vampire movies, anything Tim Burton, or classic horror. That would be too easy, also covered quite a bit in the other blogs that were doing the challenge.

I love Dark City. Dark, creepy. 
Next is The Matrix, a more polished, modern, cyberpunk version of Dark City.

Next is The Holy Mountain. Warning: art film. Definitely NOT for everyone

Next is Orlando, post-modern Gothic-in-the-classic-sense film. Also a study in gender roles and costumes. Women's costumes are so over-the-top and ornate that they are prohibitive in movement, which I'm sure many goths can relate to. heh.

And of course

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