Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Challenge #5: Out with the old, in with the new

Read about the original challenge here

The original challenge topic was "my wardrobe turnover" which meant "how often you sell your stuff to get new stuff." Well, this is more a lolita thing, since those lolita pieces are SO expensive. Back in 2002, when I first found out about the lolita look, all those brands were so prohibitively expensive (they still are). I could imagine that the only way to make lolita economically possible is to sell your stuff to get other stuff--unless you got rich parents, of course.

Thankfully goth doesn't really have that problem. I've seen goths make a pair of black yoga pants the scariest thing you've ever seen. So I'm interpreting this challenge as outgrowing some styles and taking new ones on: out with the old, in with the new. So I'll post some pictures of styles I've had during the years... none of these are me, cause I don't feel like digging through pictures.

Not me or anyone I know...but it might as well be in the late 90s. Jncos and a band tshirt..and eyeliner

Early 2000s... Rivethead me. Fishnets, boots, masculine, military. Industrial wasteland. More machine than man!! 
mid-2000s: So, I started as a rivethead...then I discovered William Gibson, final fantasy, and started working at claires, and then as a hairdresser. The perfect combination for cybergoth...still my favorite look ever....
late 2000s: listened to way too much stiffs inc. also moved out to a pretty dangerous neighborhood in chicago, which coincidently had a bunch of pimp stores. so, i became the victorian gentleman. Some kodona too.

today: modern goth. I live in NYC now and am hardly ever home. You've got to be casual and cool and up for anything! 

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