Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day in Soho

I love going to Soho. Most of the shops are a bit expensive, but all of the flagship stores are beautiful and it's still fun to go window shopping. 

outfit shot, of course
First we went to David Z shoes, where they had some jeffrey campbell night walks for like $50. I think I might go back there and pick them up. Next up was my sweetheart's favorite store, Evolution. Really a great store if you're around. They sell curio things like fossils, tribal masks, bones, seashells, human bones...

Beautiful beetle display. I think it was like $2k
Yeah, believe it. Vintage jaguar rug. I don't think it's for sale--I'm pretty sure it's illegal.


my purchases from evolution: a scorpion ring (with a real scorpion) and american porcupine quills (which I'm going to put in my industrial piercing. I've been wanting to do that for so long.)
Then off to the Frye flagship store. A beautiful store, and also one of the nicest, most hidden bathrooms in NYC.

me and my sweetheart @ the Ralph Lauren store.

You might have noticed that I love menswear. This was pretty awesome. @ Ralph Lauren

I forgot the name of this purse store, but the interior was cool
....also had a nice view of the street. love the cobblestones.

Then for some midday drinking at Toad Hall.  (not my picture)
Soho's not too far from chinatown, so we walked to my favorite dumpling place, Joe's Shanghai.
And then, when we were all shopped out and all filled with dumplings, we went to go see Beasts of the Southern Wild. I absolutely loved this movie (I have a thing for shanties and strong female protagonists). My sweetheart didn't--the film had promised monsters, and didn't deliver. I can agree, the "beasts" in the title aren't in your face--but who cares when there's such a beautiful story.


  1. Oooh I watched that with my grandma, we both really liked it, the little girl was intense!

    1. Yeah she was incredible! I'm normally not a fan of child actors but the little girl was just amazing. I'm not sure if she was nominated for an oscar, but I really hope this movie picks up something.

  2. I love your shoes!
    Evolution *faints* I've been meaning to make it there with my husband. Next trip to the city for sure!

  3. Lovely outfit, you're gorgeous! Nom, dumplings.