Friday, March 1, 2013


Guess I went a bit crazy with the collage this time

Surprise! This month's all about purple. I'm sure we've got our favorite go-to color. For my hair, it's purple. 

soon i'll have this without extensions!! grow, white hair... grow faster...

Yeah, my cyber days are behind me, but I still dye my hair pretty regularly with purple. It's my secret to having platinum blonde hair. Surely you've seen this:

This shit blows, by the way. Don't buy it.
You put it over your bleached yellow/orange hair. Like the caption says, it doesn't work for me. By the way, my hair is orange-yellow when I bleach it (30 volume with blue-toned bleach--without the blue tones, it would be carrot orange). Putting this over orange-yellow hair does absolutely nothing. 

Instead, after I bleach, I get a 13 level color with ash (cool) tones in it and mix a tiny bit of purple additive (that's what it's called!) in it. My favorite hair color brand is Chi Ionic. Mix it with 40 volume creme developer--doesn't have to be brand. (DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY ON YOUR SCALP...NEVER EVER EVER PUT 40 VOLUME ON YOUR SCALP). 

platinum blonde
refresh blond

And that's why I love purple.

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p.s. Forgot to mention my new purple lipstick! I did a whole post on this and other lipsticks though


  1. that collage is totally dreamy!
    I feel like I want so may things from it.
    That Ka'oir lipstick is simply a must have!

  2. Oh, that purple biker jacket in the collage!!!
    Thanks also for sharing your tutorial on hair dyeing :)

  3. Your collage is fabulous. There are so many great purple things in it I can't stop looking at it. I want both pairs of the high-heeled shoes!! :)

    I totally agree with you about the Manic Panic hair color. I kept my hair purple for years (no bleaching - just a *really* dark eggplant on top of my natural brown) and I loved using Raw. Yes, the Hot Topic brand. It is demi-permanent and lasted so long, and was incredibly gentle on my hair. If I ever go back to purple, I'll try the Chi Ionic!

  4. I absolutely adore your glasses! Fantastic look with the purple lipstick!! :o)

  5. Pretty collage, pretty lipstick and awesome picture of Maleficent.

  6. Wow the collage ! I want everything !!