Monday, February 18, 2013


Like a year ago, I discovered that I actually like lipstick. I used to think it was a pain (you can't kiss anyone, it gets all over your cups, and you've got to reapply it all the time). Still true. But it's the easiest way to transform your look. And you can fit a tube of lipstick in your pocket. And if you fuck up, you can wipe it off...easy. Most of the time I'm putting on makeup in a store window or a teeny NYC bathroom, so getting out brushes and eye pencils and whatever is such a pain. God help you if you fuck up your eyeliner with that super waterproof liquid eyeliner.

left to right: Mac: red hot; Smashbox: electric pink; kat von d: painted love; Ka'oir: rude girl; Ka'oir: ka'oir force; makeup forever: rouge artist intense 50; wet 'n wild fantasy maker: black

MAC : Red Hot Lipstick

wrong lipstick for this outfit... also sorry for the shitty pic
They've since updated the packaging from the silver dildo to the black dildo. Mac is pretty pigmented and the payoff is amazing. Really a vivid red. I'm not sure if they updated the formula, but it's kind of pastey and dry. Also, it stays forever. 

Smashbox: Electric Pink Lipstick

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this lipstick--not because it's bad. It isn't--the pigment is nice as is the payoff. It's soo soo bright and vivid and it only looks ok when my skin looks absolutely flawless and my hair has cool tones in it. The color itself is an unnatural hot pink (with cool tones). It looks unbelievably 80s ( hence the pose). I also used it as eyeliner here--I'm sure someone's going to tell me I'm going to go blind now. Too late guys, already blind.

It stays for a decent while, feels pretty light, and is neither dry nor moist. I like Smashbox for a middle-of-the-road brand with great color.

Kat von D: Painted Love

Go bold or go home. It was surprisingly difficult to find a really ORANGE orange lipstick. It looks slightly red in the picture, but this is really orange. If you scroll up to the picture of the tubes, you can see the true shade--I used the better camera up there. While the shade is perfect, this is a really dry, chalky lipstick. Funny thing: my lips aren't even that dry in this picture and even with the noise and pixelation, my lips look chapped. The color and payoff and pigment is fantastic, but oh my god, your lips have to be marinated in 100% vaseline before you can wear this. It also somehow dried out my lips.  Recommended for the color, nothing else.

Ka'oir: Rude Girl
square frames?
round frames?
 I love this color, and I love this lipstick. While not as much payoff as the Smashbox pink, it's awesome, especially for this color. If you only knew how long I've been looking for a purple like this that actually looks purple when you put it on. The above pictures are with my crappy cell phone, which washes out the color. and it's still super vivid. Here's one with the better camera:

It's also super creamy--it almost feels like you're wearing chapstick. I could wear this all day, if I could. You can't though--I think it's a drawback for being so pigmented. The color kind of easily wipes off. and you have to reapply it. 

Ka'oir: Ka'oir Force
Seriously, I wish I can have this whole line. I've been wanting these colors forever. I don't have to use eyeliner on my lips anymore, lol.

DUMB face, but you can see the color here

crappy cell shot

...sigh. well, my earrings look good here.

The color isn't as intense as Rude Girl, for whatever reason. I had to put a LOT on in order to completely cover my lips. Fabulously creamy though and great to wear. Same drawback as the purple--maybe more so--it seems like it fades pretty quickly.

Makeup Forever: Rouge Artist Intense 50

I remember I wanted to be a grownup one day and to stop wearing black eyeliner on my lips. So I went to Sephora when black lipstick had a comeback. I actually kind of liked the matte look of eyeliner, so I wanted something that was 1) a true black and not like a really dark plum 2) and something not super glossy. That left me with the Makeup Forever color.
I'm actually wearing Makeup Forever on my bottom lip and Wet 'N Wild on my top

can we pretend those eyebrows never happened?
I'm still not sure if I like real lipstick over liquid eyeliner. Eyeliner stays forever. You can kiss your love and eat a burger and not cover everything in black lipstick. The lipstick is creamy and nice though. This  black is a brown-based black (which I like better than blue or purple-based blacks) and it's pretty good. It's the best black I've come across.

Wet 'n Wild: Fantasy Maker Black

This was the 99 cent black lipstick they were selling around Halloween at Walgreens. A savings of 18 dollars over the Makeup Forever. It's actually not bad for a dollar lipstick--I wish all of Wet n' Wild's lipsticks were this bad. It starts turning translucent after a few minutes and smears quickly, but otherwise the color is a true black and the payoff isn't that bad at all. In some photos, you can't tell the difference between this and the makeup forever. It's slightly lighter.

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  1. I just have to say you are the cutest thing ever and that turquoise lipstick is to die for. :3