Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Red and Black Week: editorial

So, here's the editorial I shot (see you do get outfit posts from me!) and edited for Red&Black week, inspired by people filming their analog TVs and putting them up on youtube for pirating or whatever. I love the distortion that you get when you photograph an analog tv. I wanted to do it with my tv, but couldn't think of a way to get my digital camera photos on the tv. I finally burned a disk, hoping to get it to work on my ps2, but of course, at that moment my ps2 stopped working. 

So, analog tv lines come to you courtesy of Photoshop pattern layer. there's black lines and a separate lined hue pattern to create that color "buzzing" effect. Also increased the contrast. Not like the real thing, but whatever.

and an older picture of me with my long hair:

Red Jacket: Lip Service
Red/black Diamond Dress: Hot Topic (designed by my sister, btw)
Red school uniform dress: Rugby by Ralph Lauren

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  1. That red jacket. oh my. such a bad ass. You look a whole different person now :D

  2. I like your style in all the pictures :D

  3. That feel of the old TV is quite good, it almost makes my eyes hurt! :D Somehow some of the pics remind me of American Psycho, but in a good way. You've got a great style and you carry it well!

  4. You did an excellent job recreating the look of filming a tv screen. I love your outfits! The first dress has an 80s vibe (the cool aspect of the 80s, of course!). Your blonde hair looks awesome with red & black!

  5. Great outfit :3 You definitely look different, with blonde hair. I do like the way it makes you look though ^^ It suits you.