Tuesday, July 30, 2013

tattoo talk part 2

So, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo... for real this time. In my previous post, I talked about getting a tattoo that looks cool, but doesn't really mean anything (and mentioned all the tattoos I wanted at one point). So I'm thinking that I'd like a blackwork tattoo. maybe some stripes, maybe something more complex. Something geometric and with straight lines and angles.

or... see Kinzoku from the Wet Moon comic

I'm thinking of my upper thigh or leg. this time, I'm not going to think of an idea. I'm going to go to a tattoo artist who's been doing this and will think up a better idea than I would.

Seems that theres a major blackwork tattoo artist in the UK: (Curly)

soo pretty. There's gotta be someone who does this work in NYC. The closest I found was a guy who does Maori type tribal designs. I think I'm going to send him some photos and tell him to design something cool for me. I prefer ultra modern designs though, and the Maori stuff still looks pretty tribal and traditional "tattoo."  I like the idea of getting something that doesn't look like a traditional hand-drawn tattoo. I like something transformative and something that looks like a natural part of my body, like I was born with it. Strangely, I kind of think design (not art) looks more natural. Just look at the stripes of a zebra or the patterns on a butterfly. These patterns follow the elements of design.

Nylons. Yes. I'm looking at nylons for tattoo ideas. Fashion designers are designers first and artists second. moreover, they take in account the human body shape (good tattoo artists do this too of course). One of my favorite nylon designers is Les Queues des Sardines. This is EXACTLY the kind of tattoo I'd like to get. thick, bold lines... bold, simple design.

from their new collection, inspired by children's toys (?)

My plan is to show the tattoo artist some of these photos and say "draw something up for me." anyone know of any tattoo artists who do this type of modern, geometric work? I have to admit I haven't seen anyone with this type of work in real life. What do you guys think?


  1. I'm only familiar with some Dutch tattoo artists' work, so I don't think that's going to be of much help either XD I do like the type of tattoo you described :3 It wouldn't be for me, but I can definitely see the beauty in it ^^

  2. Do you happen to know thee among of the stripe tattoos? Or do they even have one?? I'm wanting to use them as a cover up to a previous failure of a first self tattoo attempt.

    1. If the artist was sourced, I included it, but otherwise it may be long lost to the endless reblogs.