Friday, July 12, 2013

Trends I thought I would never get into, but I now love

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1. Nail art
Like everyone else hit in the recession/depression, for the longest time the only vain thing I could afford to buy was a new nail polish color. I used to do the nail art thing when I was like 12, and since then, I thought it was totally juvenile and silly... until a few years ago

my current "marble" nails. See #4 below. The transformation begins.

2. Occult stuff
I used to hate this stuff---really hate it. I was a bible-burning atheist for most of my life. The thought of wearing spiritual symbols just made me insane. But then the hipster thing happened in the last 6ish years and everything's ironic. Even though the cross thing is SO OVERDONE NOW, I'm still kind of liking it. Hey I only bought 4 occult/cross things during the trend! Not too bad. I have a feeling these aren't going to age too gracefully.

rest of the photos here
3. Gyaru
You guys are probably thinking I've lost my mind completely. Gyaru is like a cross between the Jersey Shore (sometimes it's Texas beauty pageant) and Manba, except with really long ghetto nails with shit glued on it. There's different kinds of Gyaru. I'm liking the hime (princess) style and the more "what Japanese people think California is like" manba kind of style. Lol, you can't get any further away from goth than this. I fell upon the style when looking for a few nail art ideas for pointed nails. For all the cutesy stuff going on, Gals love their pointed nails.

When my hair gets longer, I'm giving this a try--with a darker edge. You can't do this with short hair at all.
I, too, think California people look like this
4. White
Yeah, I'm loving white now. For the first time in my life I finally achieved the holy grail of hair coloring: white hair. And then I found out about the blog, Love Aesthetics . I've never had a blog, like, actually make want to throw out everything I own and live a monochromatic lifestyle...of white. I might as well turn in my goth card right now, right?

Unfortunately, white clothing is a bitch to buy. You pretty much can only buy expensive clothes cause cheap white fabric is see-through or wonky. And it yellows like immediately. Maybe when I've got some money...

it begins...



  1. Wow,those marble nails are awesome!
    As for nail art, I,m out, I can't stand it, but I have a soft spot for occult stuff - not neccessarily in fashion only, tho, and definitely not the satanic symbols...:) I also like white, lately I've been buying and wearing more white, than black...:)
    U got me with Gyaru...I like sweet and hime lolies, they're cute, but what's up with the brown skin on gyaru? No sarcasm, really, does it have a meaning? :)

    1. i think the super tan skin is part of the whole "what Gals think people in California look like" thing

  2. Gyaru? Really? I would never expect that, although I too tend to get inspired by the japanese street style, but I like the J-rock style a bit more ^^
    Your picture with the pentagram shirt is awesome!

    1. yeah, i clearly love japanese street style too. but i'm so over the lolita thing, the j-rock thing...that's like 10+ years old. lol i guess i'm scraping the bottom of the barrel

  3. Those tan girls a seriously scary, like, my heart jumped into my throat when I saw the photo scary. This is the stuff of nightmares.

  4. That second picture of the gyaru style scared me! The white thing is kind of appealing at times, although I don't think I could ever commit to wearing just one colour :3