Sunday, August 18, 2013

What influences my Goth style/How I get out of a Wardrobe Slump

Read more about the challenge here. Haha, what will I do when I'm done with this challenge?

My fiction writing and my roleplaying characters influence my style a bit. Also other's kind of like method acting...or cosplay. Also, NYC itself is pretty inspiring for style. You've got everything from gutter punks to the high-end dark couture. For a while, when I worked at an art book publisher, I was heavily inspired by the gallery scene: mostly big black baggy things with a hipster flair.

me at an indie arts and culture magazine launch party

gutter punks in williamsburg

 soho, NYC, not too far from where I work. where the rich and famous shop

But sometime's I'm in a creative slump, or the street scene and window displays aren't inspiring, or it's been raining nonstop, so I head to the internets.

1. has probably been one of the biggest influences on my style lately. I used to be able to scroll for hours and hours and see what everyone is wearing:
I don't go so much on there because everything is starting to look the same to me. When I'm really, really in a wardrobe slump I search until I find the one or two original outfits. A lot of companies are starting to target the LB bloggers, so all the good people get the same free shit from crappy off-shore "street fashion" stores. Seriously, fuck me with those galaxy prints, the bart simpson shit, and the skeleton leggings. ugh. AKA the fast fashion ghetto stores at the mall. Are any of you on lookbook? I'm there as

2. Funny how I trash the off-shore street fashion styles? I head there for inspiration too. Romwe, oasap, asos, forever 21. I know it's no good, but I likes the fast fashions. Yeah I can look at the original runway stuff, or I can go look at a website that consolidates all the styles into copies. If I want, I'll look for the real deal. Those stores update daily, so there's always something to look at.
Thanks for the ring, Romwe. Also, bathroom shot, lol
3. Tumblr is another source of inspiration. I think my whole witchy look was completely inspired by tumblr. Tumblr can be whatever you want it to be: for me, it's kind of a fashion mood board. lol and my nail blogging. I'm Skuzz Lite on tumblr, if any of you want to find me there.

4. Blogs. Yeah, I like reading all your blogs and all the diverse styles. Death rock/rockabilly @ Coffin Kitsch; elegant gothic over at Sophisticate Noir; old school goth at deus ex machina. A few other blogs that are outside of our little circle: the monochromatic perfection of Love Aesthetics; the dark grunge of Violet E. and of course, Haute Macabre. and Honestly WTF

Violet E.

Know of any other good fashion inspiration sites/blogs? I'm always looking for new ones...


  1. Great inspirations! I love Violet E.! (:
    Nice blog, dear!

  2. I am so happy [and surprised] that my blog inspired you!! That is a huge honor, I am so happy you visit and read it! Thanks a lot :)

    I am too inspired by Tumblr, and in the process of slowly drowning in that witchy look ;)
    I used to browse lookbook, but then I got into such an envy frenzy I told myself to never visit that website again. It's evil, I tell you...

    1. haha yeah LB is quite a test of willpower!!!

  3. Violet is such an inspiration ... love her look!! <3

  4. I spend wayyy too much time on tumblr. It's definitely a huge source of inspiration on my style too.

  5. Hey that's me! I'm very flattered :)
    I like fast fashion as well.....right now. I don't care if people judge me for covering myself in crosses, I'm going to ride this trend until the fashion changes ;) I find tumblr inspiring too, but it's annoying as well when all the kids get "what is goth, what is not goth", but then again I find it like being back in the 90s. LOL!