Sunday, September 15, 2013


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Who doesn't love the corset look? Who doesn't love wearing them? Well, if you don't plan on eating that night, lol. I'm not going to bore my knowledgeable readers with facts about corsets (history, kinds of boning, etc) they already know. I'm going to cover how I, personally, wear them.

Corsets are feminine and look good with the more classic goth/aristocratic looks. They provide an almost armor-like structure to your look, which also looks great for industrial styles. Personally, I think they look better on curvier girls, but I do what I can with my no-curves.

First off, for my more traditional goth looks, this is my favorite stuff to wear underneath a corset. The shirt is from forever 21 (I think I got it in 1999ish) and is my favorite! The skirt was a hand-me-down from mom, from the 80s.

First up is a overbust corset I got from Forever 21 of all places. It's fully boned (with plastic boning) and has this fancy embroidery and covered buttons. I think I payed something like 15 dollars for it on sale. Sometimes you get lucky. I think I got this in 2002. 

Next up is a corset top that I actually wear pretty often. It was given to me by one of my mother's friends... I'm not sure what brand it is (yvan & marlia? ziayvan & mar? logo fail).
The boning is made of plastic, which kind of warped through the years, which is sad. It's really beautiful. The diamond neckline is awesome. I'm surprised I don't see this kind of neckline more often.

and here I am getting goofy with the photoshopping

 Next up is are two Lip Service corsets I bought last year. The purple one is a little high school. It has a coffin zipper, which I thought was cute. I have trouble styling this's like victorian (with the stripes) punk (fishnet/exposed zipper)?

The other Lip Service one is really cool. It's pvc with spikes. I love this one! 

All of these looks are very classic goth. Is there a place for corsets in the modern goth (what I guess some folks are calling Nu-goth) wardrobe? I say yes. But think of the corset as more of a superwide belt.

see the rest of the look in this earlier post
Also, the modern/nu-goth look uses a lot of crop tops, so corsets could be worn underneath in what I think is a pretty wearable dark look. I think it especially looks good on someone with no me. Top corset is the oil-slick corset from Lip Service, bottom one is the same spike corset from above.
(a-line skirt?)

(or fitted skirt?)

You'll notice that I don't own any $300 fancy 1000-steel-boned leather corsets. Maybe one day. All of mine are plastic boned.

Thoughts? Do you wear corsets? Any ideas on how to work corsets into an updated goth look?


  1. I love wearing corsets, but unfortunately, there aren't many occassions to to show them off. I have a couple of more casual looking flower printed pieces, but as you said, corsets aren't known for being comfy so I can't really wear them while doing groceries, or shoots or going to the cinema...

    Usually I wear classic corsets with lace up back and hooks in the front, I hardly have anything that could fit a nu - goth look, but I guess, it's perfectly possible with shiny, fetish - ish or more industriel articles like yours.

    1. I wish I had a nice corset with lacing, but they are so pricey! and I can't justify spending that much on something i'd wear a few times a year--if even that

  2. I think that last look is my favorite on you- I sort of prefer the a-line skirt, but both work for you. You have an early post-punk/goth thing going for you :)