Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pantone Fall 2013 Colors

So, NYFW's covering spring looks...but summer hasn't even ended yet! For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you might want to look at Pantone's newly announced spring colors. (sorry: colours)

But I want to talk about fall. Here are the Pantone colors for fall 2013, and there'll be some looks after the jump.

What's Pantone? Well, it's basically the, um... only color company? Every that uses colors uses Pantone colors. You need something printed at a commercial printer? they're going to ask you for a Pantone color number. Ordering fabric from a textile manufacturer... going to need a pantone color for that too. I don't understand how they make their money.
Pantone Fall 2013 colors

Pantone Fall 2013 colors by ahp259 featuring a red sweater

The 2013 pantone color of the year is (was?) Emerald. Why not Beaujolais? Who knows! I think the fall colors are a nice palette though. Here are a few Polyvore spreads I made with ideas on how to work these colors into your wardrobe (left to right):

1. Emerald is a disciplined/authoritative color... I feel this look would look great with some of the occult looks that we've been seeing.
2. Deep lichen green: picture abandoned factories with slime (and I dunno...lichen) reclaiming it...I think this would go great with some of the industrial looks and for denim. Though this looks great with some girly styles too. Check out the link and her antlers.
3. Koi: Bright orange?! Who's as loud and in-your-face as the koi color? Punks. I think this would go great as an accent color for more preppy/punk looks.
4. Samba: It's a darker red. I think it's nice for flowy dresses...it reminds me of evil Catholic inquisition cardinals.
5. Carafe: Ditch the black boots for some boots that are brown with cool tones. I think that's lovely for fall.

6. The clear use for Mykonos blue, for me, is nail polish. 
7. I think Acai can be used as great hair color. It's a dark, desaturated purple which would fit with every other color in the fall list. Great for every day.
8. Turbulence (gray) would be a great accessory color, but I think it would be a great replacement for the black lipstick and nail polish we always wear.
9. Linden Green took me a while to think about, but I think this would look good as a layering color, especially against your skin: so, lace.
10. Vivacious. Hm. How to make barbie pink work for dark fashion? Eyeshadow. That's all I got.
11. Beaujolais redish-purple: the IT color for lipstick, in my opinion. I just bought a tube and I absolutely love it.
12. Carafe brown was mentioned already, but it's not just for shoes. I think it'll look great with earrings and jewelry. I tend to wear the woods out more in the fall.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas for these colors maybe?


  1. I really need to get some emerald and lichen velvet blazers. I have some brown leather lace-up boots, but I'm never sure what to pair brown with, except for my one brown velvet jacket. maybe brown and lichen?

    1. emerald and lichen blazers would look awesome! And you can totally wear brown boots with everything. I just realized that I actually own more brown shoes than black shoes...

  2. It's an interesting palette;I've been wearing lots of earth colors, so I'm happy for the mustard - yellows and browns and I love emerald and samba as well; indeed it's pretty close to the color of cardinals, I thought the same. ^^

    1. the mustard yellow would look so awesome with your hair color!