Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cool Tumblrs

Yes, it's true I've been MIA for a while. I'll be back in full blogging force sometime mid-December. I'm still on the interwebs, looking at your blogs. And tumblrs. Here are a few tumblrs that I love:

Polyvore Gore
Nothing too deep here: just goth polyvore sets. These outfits are all so awesome. 

Psycho Disco

This tumblr directly inspired my television editorial in this post. This tumblr has a lot of stills from films and some of the most amazing photos I've seen. Lots of weird and a really unique aesthetic I haven't seen anywhere.

Jofane Huna

This person was one of the first people to reblog one of my posts, so I was like "who are you?" Wow... what a really amazing tumblr with a really cool focus: rituals. Old rituals, new rituals and really cool juxtaposition between traditional tribal and new tribal. I always look forward to his new posts.

nu goth

I'm loving the nu-goth stuff, and they do a good job balancing the low-end crosses/bones/galaxy shit with some high end stuff. It can get a little Momsen/Olivia/Ashley/Bebe (and other bloggers I'm sad to say that I recognize)  heavy, but there's cool stuff there.

Gypsy One

I don't know what this girl does, but it's like her whole life is a vacation. When I'm stuck in a windowless office in NYC working 10 hours a day and then head out to crowded trains and rainy, cold weather, I stare at these pictures. A single tear rolls down my cheek. It's just beaches and pot.

got any suggestions for cool tumblrs?


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I also love browsing the different nu goth tumblrs, I hate bumping into the same pictures too often [and yes, I recognize them bloggers as well! i thought only I was that clever ;)] but it's a great source for inspiration!

    1. Lol. Every time i find myself loving one of their looks, i hate myself a little. Except violet e (formerlly violetta)...she's my favorite

  2. Thanks for sharing these :) I've followed a couple of them, for style inspiration ^^

  3. First outfit is fantastic. And I love nu goth so much!