Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ethnic-inspired Septum Jewelry

I'm deciding to forgo my vow of only wearing pincers in my septum (pierced earlier this year) and saw these vaguely ethnic Tawapa septum clickers on sale at various sites:

I'm categorizing this as "cool, but not for me," especially when I saw that some of these were almost TWO INCHES long. What would that even look like?

from the tawapa tumblr
um... apparently awesome. She's definitely pulling off the vaguely ethnic, urban-primative look well. Also her 40s eyebrows and vintage-y hair and winged eyeliner--edgy--look awesome too. The gold also matches her highlights...I love how ALL of her jewelry is gold. Such interesting spirals too!

Septum piercings are kind of the least-wearable piercings, imo. It's in-your-face and definitely distracting. I notice that when I'm wearing the big 1/2" pincers, people's eyes start drifting down to it. I stopped wearing the large size at the office. For these REALLY large ones you kind of have to have an entire look that goes with it, otherwise it stands out way too much, like you're wearing a funny hat. The woman above has the matching earrings and necklace to balance out the septum piercing so it isn't overpowering. Likewise:

from the gallery photo
If you're thinking "wow this is too out there" you're not alone. One of the reviewers from bodyartforms had this to say about the above clicker:

I am so disappointed with this item. I was dubious before ordering as it looked so large but was reassured by the customer photo. The item looked quite pretty in the baggie but having taken it out and put it into my septum I have realised it looks absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't look anything like the previous customer photo on me as my nose is a different shape, the ring is huge and despite being 14g it wabbles about in my 14g hole, I will never wear it as it looks so ludicrous, I wish I hadn't wasted so much money on it. 
A more goth look with the large vaguely ethnic-looking septum:
tumblr lost the original credit, of course. no idea who she is. LOVE IT though.
Here's a more wearable ring, from Ben's Jewelry Creations.

How big can we go with these giant septum piercings? Here's a few editorials. Obviously unwearable promo shoots. Most of these are hoop earrings worn through a septum piercing (not the Givenchy one):

Givenchy. intended as a septum ring, but not actually for pierced septums.
tawapa, i love this look btw.

Later edit: Ok I bought one:

Definitely a more extreme style. I wouldn't recommend this unless you've got a complete look to go with it. Also, ethnic or vaguely-ethnic looks can subject you to the whole cultural appropriation ridicule. Please be respectful. 

In other news, apologies for the light posting lately. I should be back to posting regularly around mid-December.


  1. Ehm...I'm not so fond of piercings, but going with an authentic look, ethnic inspired septum jewellery looks amazing. I love the huge, exaggerated piercings and neck rings and all the other exotic body jewellery worn by the right people or with the right styling, but I don't think, there are many people, who could pull if off for just fashion.

  2. I'm not into septums as much... especially when it's black steel it looks like hitler's mustache. i also think that it's ridiculous that this piece of jewelry falls on your mouth. got to be the least comfortable thing. The ornaments are beautiful thought, but it's just too big...

    1. yes...i had the hitler septum in another post. it's sooooo stupid looking.

  3. How these are really cool, I have kind of been wanting a septum piercing from watching Hemlock Grove and the ethnic piercings look amazing, but I need to save the money because I have a lot of tattoo plans!

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