Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hair Sticks

So, I mentioned in my trend prediction for 2014 that I had hoped that hair accessories would make a comeback, so here's the first post, which resurrects the forgotten hair stick. I got to using hair sticks at work, when I didn't have a rubber band, so I just stuck a pencil in my hair. I was surprised at how well it stayed and then was on the hunt for hair sticks.

It's hard to say why the hair stick fell out of favor--maybe it kept slipping out of people's hair, or no one could figure out how to use it. There's a number of youtube videos on the matter, but I just kind of swirl my hair until it stays. It actually stays well all day.

Also, the neat thing about hair sticks is that you can make them tight (as in like a tight ponytail) or loose. I like to wear them loose since I get headaches otherwise.

Picture dump: (btw the antlers in the top picture are by the same etsy seller as the antler ones below)

Unusual HairSticks Deer Antler Hair Accessory

Also, hair sticks are the easiest things in the world to "diy." Here's a pair I made from African porcupine quills. They are the perfect hair sticks: light, strong, a teeny bit flexible, cool-looking. And I can stab people with it, the way all the damsels in distress fend off their attackers. I need a sword-shaped one.

Though I also just bought the following, which I have yet to wear:
opinions on hair sticks? Would you wear them? Do you wear them?


  1. Oh they look absolutely gorgeous, but I can´t wear them since nothing stays in my hair, also back when my hair was waist length, except for those plastic hair clip or just elastic bands.... I love the various designs thought :)

    1. lol yeah, if half my hair wasn't gone, I wouldn't be able to wear these either

  2. Oh wow! I've loved hair sticks since I was wee, though I haven't seen any I like in the shops recently. I need to keep an eye out for deer horn, now.

    1. yeah, when I was on my hair stick hunt, I couldn't find ANY at any of the accessory stores. I remember seeing them when I was younger, but when I checked out the stores, NOTHING

  3. I love hair sticks, but I must say I don't have an as awesome as these.