Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ways I fit the Cliche, Ways I don't

Read about the challenge here.

Fit the cliche:
1. I love being shocking/weird
2. Tons of black clothes
3. I love fantasy and sci-fi and other geekery
4. English major / writer
5. I have written stories about vampires, gardens, poets, dandies... and they were experimental
6. I smoked cloves
7. Prefer absinthe
8. tried to be in a band, cared more about the photo shoots
9. post pictures of myself online
10. socially awkward
11. I'm a nihilist
12. I'm uppity about posers (maybe less now)
13. I'm moody
14. I sound and look pissed off all the time (That's what my face looks like!)
15. crazy liberal
16. did witchcraft at one point and once in a while the ol' coven gets together for some magicking.
17. I managed a gallery and worked in the art industry
18. was a "troubled" teen
19. I use dark humor in very inappropriate times
20: cliche outfits:

Don't fit the cliche:
1. Not a fan of the old school music...some old school industrial (Front Line Assembly!) still holds up for me, but most of it just puts me to sleep.
2. I hate live shows.
3. I don't make a big deal about my sexuality or am "sexy"
4. I don't care for historical or old things
5. I don't watch TV or Movies. The goth thing is very media-heavy, and I don't really consume any...except books and the internet.
6. I have a business degree and I go to networking events all of the time. My last three jobs were very corporate jobs.
7. I hate wine
8. I never did any drugs (besides pot). No prescription pills either. Not sure what the current MO is, but all my goth friends growing up did ALL the drugs.
9. I like spooooky things ironically. Actually I think we all do, right? It's hard to tell sometimes.
10. I'm not vegan or health conscious.
11. I don't self-mutilate either. I don't help or hurt my body, I guess. I still wish I was a cyborg.
12. I don't wear makeup. My skin is too sensitive.
13. I don't like dead things
14: not cliche outfits:

leggings as pants, the ultimate fashion crime. There're a lot of fashion crimes here


  1. I fit into so many different cliche's to the point I'm not really a cliche. You're forgiven! Keep being you, changing and growing!

  2. How the hell did I miss this post?? Shame on me!
    I hate that alternative people do drugs, well most of them do... for me, drugs associate with poor outcasts of society who need help, anything BUT cool alternative people who walk proudly the streets....
    I loved your no cliche outfits more than your cliche ones :P but the second picture in the post where you have short black hair: wow. just wow. you look amazing!!!!! seriously!!