Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Costume Wishlist

DIY costumes that I wish I would do, but probably won't:

1. Witch Doctor:

2: G-G-G-Ghost

3. Wilder Mann (Oh, if you only knew!!! ONE DAY)

4. Early 1900s druid/turn-of-the-century occultist.
5. Plague doctor
Any on your wishlist?


  1. All these concepts are awesome, a Wilder Mann costume would be hilarious. ^^
    I don't have a Halloween costume bucket list, but I've always wanted to do a plague doctor photoshoot :)

  2. Fantastic outfits! I had a dress similar to the second one only less raggedy. I kind of dress like that a lot only in colours. I saw a Steampunk Witchdoctor at a recent event, she made the mask herself. I think it might have been papier mache and canvas? I can't remember. I get there are great tutorials online.

    There was a picture Gothic Flamingo blog posted on her Facebook of a Rhino skull man with an umbrella and suit. I'd love to do that one day. Or Mr Taxidermy from Lenore- the Little Dead Girl