Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here's my favorite spooky organ song for your Halloween playlist. 

"Toccata"  from Suite gothique, Op. 25, an organ suite composed by Léon Boëllmann in 1895. I recommend listening to the Ernie Englund version of it on Spotify, but the above was the closest I could find. A lot of organists play it too fast IMO. 

I first heard it a few weeks ago when we went for a free organ concert at one of the NYC cathedrals. I was blown away. By the way, if you are in NYC and goth and broke, check out the cathedrals. They usually have free organ concerts. And organists love playing spooky organ songs. What's the point, otherwise?

Recommend some spooky classical songs? 


  1. Organ music is awesome! Free organ concerts sound so good, NYC must be awesome!

    I love Danse Macabre.

  2. We stumbled upon a free organ concert in a church in Berlin by mistake. It was beautiful, but the piece was a bit too long hehe. The atmosphere was majestic though!

  3. Now u have a new follower :) love your blog