Sunday, November 2, 2014

Killer Heels Exhibit: Brooklyn Museum

So, over the weekend, I checked out the Brooklyn Museum's Killer Heels Exhibit. The shoes were cool of course, though the space design sucked for cell phones. They had the lights below the shoes, messing up my camera's autoexposure, so all the photos came up a bit dark. 

Here are my highlights. I tried to frame the caption with the shoes, otherwise I'll write down the caption info under the photo, if I have it.

the 90s were a good time for shoes

Chinese bound feet shoes. there's my hand for scale. These were TINY shoes.

Celine Trome l'oeil pumps, 2013

There were a lot of 3-d printed shoes ... of the future. I'm a fan.

thought this was awesome.

Chau Har Lee, Blade Heel 2010, Perspex, stainless steel, leather. Probably my favorite shoe in the exhibit. 

Glass "slippers"

Iris Schieferstein, Horse Shoes 3, 2006

amazing use of fur, imo. 

Masaya Kushino, Stairway to Heaven, 2013: goatskin, baby lamb, crow feather 

sorry for the crappy quality...see shoe below

No, wait. THESE were my favorite shoes of the exhibit.

BTW, I went to the Gaultier exhibit too. See my blog post on that here

Lady Gaga's shoe

these thigh-highs were from the 1900-1920s decades.


Jean Paul Gaultier again, 2011

bamboo. Wish I photographed the caption. This is super cool.

90s were a good time for shoes. 

Your favorites?


  1. Cool! I saw a cheap pair of knock offs of those tall Vivienne Westwood shoes like ten years ago, I thought about buying them but then realized how freakishly uncomfortable they must be.

  2. Oooh I love this! Thanks for posting. Those are some interesting shoes

  3. Those shoes are fantastic! Some are funny and some are elegant and some both at the same time. :D I too loved those 3D printed shoes, the one in your fourth pic is so cool!

    1. I long for the day 3d printers will be commonplace

  4. Ehh, those Manchu shoes...^^ I love the furry boots and the black winged one, but Blade Heel 2010 is my favorite too.

  5. wah soo cool! I would have loved to go! 90s were an indeed good time for shoes.

    1. Yeah... Though today's throwbacks are also pretty cool

  6. Oh my, there are so many ugly shoes, and so many beautiful shoes! I didn't know people could get that creative about footwear! HAHAHA

    My personal favourite is the Stairway to Heaven, oh my, it's just so beautiful ♥

  7. Some of them are awful... But some - beautiful. Since years I'm dreaming about United Nude shoes <3 These one with wings looks awesome, too!

    1. Where have I been? I actually never heard of United Nude until I went to this exhibit!