Friday, November 28, 2014

Growing out your hair (pin curls)

So, as you know, I shaved my head to about a 1/4 inch over the summer, and now it's growing back. I do this every few years, I've been through the in-between stage so often that I have a routine that I go through. I don't use any kind of styling products (since I've got a sensitive scalp). For the record, I have slightly wavy, thick hair at 3ish inches. I'll probably do this for a while, until it's long enough to clip back or blow dry.

I'm past the super easy short hair and now I've got to start styling. I use pin curls on my wet, clean hair before I go to sleep. My hair is naturally wavy, so I don't use mousse or any other product. Just wet-styling. Of course, using product will make it hold better and will give you tighter curls.

I style it pretty much like the below, with flat pincurls on the sides and high rollers on top for volume. I don't do the rollers straight back (omg so grandma), but on an angle on my natural side part, as you can see in the pic below.

here's a picture of it literally when I wake up and after I take everything out and shake it sleepy I'm blinded by my bathroom window. Can barely keep my eyes open. zzzzzz. 

While I do a more modern take on the pin curl, Most of us know pin curls from vintage styles. Below is an excellent picture with the layout on the left and the style brushed-out on the right. For this kind of vintage look, you have to absolutely use mousse for softer looks and gel for more defined looks.

If you're really interested in authentic vintage hair styles, you could find vintage pin curl patterns from old books and magazines. 

Anyone else out there growing out their hair? Share some tips during the early stages of the dreaded in-between stage?


  1. Short hair is so much easier and less hot in summer but right now I kind of want long hair to do LOTR style elf plaits! (Cries)

  2. I think you can rock so many hairstyles with short hair. Vintage, Lisbeth Slander punk style etc etc!

  3. I love pin curls <3 they are so pretty!