Thursday, October 16, 2014

MoYou Nail Stamping

So, you know I like my nail stamping, and I've been wanting to try out the London-based MoYou since forever and now I'm sold on their newest "gothic" collection. (no, this isn't a review because the items are sitting in my shopping cart as I write. and no, I'm not getting them for free...haha I doubt they'd want me writing about their products to begin with....YOU'LL SEE) 

Ahh! This company sometimes arranges their designs in a beautiful picture like the above. I've never used the brand, but a few pictures online seemed promising (see below). [EDIT: COLLECTION ONE WAS REMOVED OFF OF THEIR SITE FOR SOME REASON] Collection #1 is pretty awesome. Pentagram, crosses, bats, spiders...

Collection #2 is probably the weakest of the bunch, but it's one i'm most definitely going to get. Dead center are the Ca.marilla and S abatt crosses. I'd better buy this before the most litigious game developer gets ahold of this. It's surrounded by lame keys and why so many lips. Skull with bat wings coming out of its head and it's wearing a crown? Maybe I'll use the celtic designs. lame set. It's like they knew they are going to have to get rid of it.

#3 is a nice set and all of these are usable and great for everyday. I've already got a million lacy stamps, so I'm going to pass.

#4 this one is interesting. I love the silhouette crow and graveyard. The frankenstein one is also cool (especially with nude nails!) and who doesn't like the illuminated MS one? This one is very cool.

#5 is a mixup of 3+4, so I'm skipping that.

#6 I like this! The fetish one. ("Love"? "Devil"? *rolls eyes*) With the plain pentagram, plain cross, harness, you've also got your nugoth stamp. Also, all the french manicure trims as the border have you set for life. Might be a little silly for work, but then again I do like the idea of one master and one slave on each of my hands. Key, but no lock.

#7 omg will they give those stupid locks and keys a rest? This is clearly the steampunk one. I'm pretty whatever about it.

#8: "Dark Lover"? A lovely plate, but I don't see too many designs i'd actually want to wear.

  10: Stained glass nails seem really cool, but are very labor intensive. So before you're like OMG This:

Get ready to spend time with a teeny tiny nail brush. or this method, shown below. Though I'm PRETTY sure the picture above was colored with colored sharpies. That's my cheat, btw. Why use a striper when you can just use a sharpie. With a top coat, you really can't tell.
#9 the above promo shot was from this stained glass plate. "Mo'" stained glass.

So, it's hard not to love these. I'll show you guys some designs when they come from the UK.


  1. Oh, wow, the stained glass nails look cool nonetheless. I like #4 the most. ^^
    I wonder what they are going to look like on your nails tho'.

    1. well, I got #4! I'll post pictures when the plates come in!

  2. I love the first lot, the Burtony looking ones! I have never tried nail stamping, definitely tempted by that first lot! If you get any let us know how it goes!

  3. How do you get the stamps to place the polish? I always screw it up... Maybe I'm using cheap plates?

    1. I use a konad stamper. Cheap plates give you blurry designs, good ones give crisp lines. That's really the difference... The rest is timing (be quick) and manual dexterity (press hard, not too hard)

  4. wow, I had no idea nail art could get this crafty! Looks like something you could make at home if you have a free weekend to spend on this stuff.