Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trend Recap 2014

And now the year's almost over! Flew by, right? Miss the flower crowns and crosses? Satisfy your nostalgia by heading over to my Trend Recap 2013. Here's the Trend Reap for 2014.

Favorite Trend that Probably Won't Continue in 2015: Moons
(moons are the best. I want to get more moon things before the trend goes)

Lingerie Trend: Strappy stuff that kind of looks like the harness trend
(Finally! bra straps that are aren't stupid looking and can be worn with open dresses)

 Least Favorite Trend: Tattoo necklaces
(Even though I had a few. They were so tacky in the 90s. Only acceptable on teens then and now)

Trend I was right about: Fake piercings and unusual accessories

"Nail Art" bloggers' Trend: Mehndi 
(I'm hoping to jump on this bandwagon soon!)

Tattoo Trend: Below-the-boob

Favorite Trend of the Year: Raw Minerals
(did a post on this!)

2013 Trend that thankfully died this year: stooopid hats
(This hat is 10 years too late. Would have been perfect at a Limp Bizkit concert. Proof that you can't goth just anything by shooting a bunch of studs in it)
Makeup Trend of the Year: Dots. 
(Dots everywhere. You know, I love this. Ex-cybergoth me loves this to no end. And I love the dotted eyebrows the most. Maybe I'll do a post on this. I haven't tried it out...since my cybergoth days.)

Clothing Trend: Sheer+solids blocking... also just sheer
(I think this is continuing next year. Stay tuned for my 2015 trend predictions post!)

Goth Brand of the Year: Kill Star
(2014 trendy goth looks like this:)

Honorable mention: Widow
(I wanted to include Lip Service's Widow last year, but felt it wasn't as influential as UNIF. Same as this year with Kill Star. Two solid years in the running gets them an honorable mention from me)

Cultural trend still going strong from 2013: sugar skulls

Quickest Trend: Egypt stuff
(Oh, it'll be back)

Did I miss anything, guys? What were your favorite trends this year? Least favorite? Would love to see YOUR trend recaps!


  1. I like the chiffon trend, I love wearing that material! What I haven't liked its the kitschy stuff, which isn't exactly goth but dominates the alt fashion scene... Like ugly shoes covered in tacky trinkets with weird shaped heels. It's just hideous. That and the annoying barely there clothing that can only be worn if you have amazing abs.

    1. I'm a fan of the chiffon trend as well. I'm still not understanding the bodycon dress trend. I've tried on a million different dresses in both high quality and low and even though I'm not in terrible shape and I'm not insecure at all, I still look like shit in those dresses.

  2. An insightful recap, very informative and funny! :) I still admire your way of writing, letting a little peek of humor in an analyze, like about the hat full of studs. :D

    I really hope this lingerie trend would go on, I hate it when ugly bras ruin an outfit and that happens a lot when the shirts on fashion are too revealing, at least of the wrong places. Especially strapless evening dresses.

    1. Aww thanks! That's my creative writing degree being put to use. I too hope that the lingerie tend continues. I think it will.

  3. love the moons, don´t care if it continues, moon cycle shirts and patches are still on my list. I think we are going to see more sheer+fur the next year, you can see H&M are piling them up.
    I always do top makeup, i didn´t know it was a trend :) i thought about doing a dot makeup tips post some day.

    1. I love your for makeup! I'd be interested in s post!

  4. I love the mendhi and the raw minerals!

  5. I love everything with moon phases! Merry X-mas ♥

  6. Yeah, that hat belongs nowhere except at a Limp Bizkit concert. I would really like to get my hands on one of those sweet harness-y bras.