Thursday, July 14, 2016

Liquid Lipsticks (Long-wear matte lipcolor)

"Liquid lipsticks" have exploded all over the place. The only makeup I wear is lip color, and I've been wearing lip pencil exclusively for the past year. I can't stand the feel of lipstick on my lips: That's why the pencil is so awesome. They also last all day. I wrote about my favorite here

But liquid lipsticks promise all that and more: vivid colors, long wear, no-feel. I've seen a few people on instagram use it, and it seems like the miracle cosmetic. Here is a tutorial on how to wear it.  

Since my lip pencils are down to stubs, I set out for Sephora and tested a bunch of them for color and wear. So for the below photo, I swatched on my hand and waited for it to set/dry, then wiped my hand across it to see how it smudges. In terms of color and long wear, Kat Von D and Smashbox were the clear winners for me, and these are the two I ended up buying. (Kat Von D for the red, and Smashbox for the pink). Smashbox didn't smudge AT ALL. If they had a red I liked, I would have gotten it over the Kat Von D.

In terms of extra long wear, as you can see I tested a bunch of brands (no smashbox since that wasn't at the 1st sephora I went to) and the clear winners were Kat Von D, Stila, and the house brand at Sephora. I took this photo after I SCRUBBED my hands with MAKEUP REMOVER! no joke. You can see not all the liquid lipsticks are created equal. Some of them were pretty awful and smeared like regular lipstick, even though they were billed as long wear.

Kat Von D review: I applied this once in the morning and it lasted all day. At 10pm, after 3 meals and a night of drinking with coworkers, it was pretty much a light shadow of red. I was very pleased with how long it lasted and it looked perfect during the 9-hour workday. No feathering at all.

The application wasn't as precise as the pencils (though smashbox does have a pointed tip.) If you have a dextrous hand, you can do the cupids bow with some practice, but again not better than the pencil.

The main thing I don't like is that it isn't really well suited for people who go outside of their natural lip line (like I do). My upper lip is thinner than my bottom lip, so I always draw in more lip. I haven't worn the smashbox yet so no comment there, but the Kat Von D doesn't look like I extended my lip line, it just looks like I messed up.

Contrast that with my existing lip pencils:

The other thing I wonder is about it drying out. I just bought them so I can't say anything yet. I'll let you know. While I like the color and how long lasting these are, I think I'll probably go back to lip pencils for the precision and for the extended lip line thing I do.

Anyone else use liquid lipsticks?


  1. Yes the lip line is a problem for me, I'm not 100% precise and I often need to clean up lipstick that went off the side, I definitely can't walk around all day with smeared lipstick all over my face!

    I love all your makeup and jewellery!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you can't mess up with the liquid lipsticks!

  2. I have been wearing Unicorn Blood from Jeffree Star cosmetics and it is spectacular! It stays on forever.

    1. I'll have to check them out! I do like the name lol

  3. the liquid lipstick trend.... I've tried it, and it butchered my dry lips. My lips are so dry that I can only wear cream lipstick on them, not even pencil. It doesn't matter how much I prep my lips for it (like in the video above) my lips still feel way too dry during and after liquid lipstick, so I just gave it up.
    Loved the colors you picked and I think with time and practice application will be easier.