Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shop With Me: Alchemy Gothic

So, I don't actually own anything from Alchemy gothic. Not wearable anyway. I glued a pendant to a journal once--it was typical Alchemy Gothic stuff...two axes with a skull. very over-the-top. That's not going to stop me from reviewing their latest offerings. Join me, "gothlings," as we explore the designs from spring 2016 after I stopped paying attention to this brand for like 10 years.
Evil clown pendant: Uh what? Is this for the ICP crowd? 
Crescens Tragicom: Who's naming these? This is very Alchemy Gothic. It's not just a moon necklace. It's a moon necklace with a skull in it. Because a moon wasn't gothic enough.
M'era: If they swapped out the face with a moonstone, that would have been cool. I dig the vines or whatever
Bat necklace: The torn wings are a nice touch
St. Petersburg tear: I always thought a Russian royalty take on the aristocratic goth would have been cool. AG does a pretty good job sometimes with aristocratic goth looks. too bad the look is out of style. 
Green goddess: It's a fairy. Not a green goddess.
Shadow of Zennor: Mermaid skeleton what what. I feel like anyone wearing this pendant is going to have to spend the whole evening explaining it. Also very busy looking.
Pentagramatron: The GRAMATRON! So goth the pentagram's got pentagrams. AG, you never disappoint.

 Ghost Seer:  I know it's supposed to be a crow on a pentagram, but I keep seeing a nazi eagle above the star trek logo.
Lucky in Love: There was a weird time when there was a lot of gambling stuff in accessories...dice and whatnot. I don't know why. I'm surprised it's back. For the elder goths going to the casino?
Black Rosifix: this is very classic AG: take one goth shape and mix in another. They could have also gone with a black rose made up of crosses. lol I do like it though. It's pieces like these that inspire me to be a romantic goth. The bloodred gem is a nice touch. Worn with red lipstick.
Villa Diodati: I kind of like the no-chains version better
Dragon: This is the clear winner for me. For sword and sorcery gaming nerds like myself. I have a dragon t-shirt this would go well with. Pretty sure this will go full-circle and be cool again.
Literankh: Ahoy! It's Captain Osiris aboard Her Majesty's Airship. Where's my pen? Ah, here it is.
Skullhammer: hammer? I thought this was skulls in the shape of a cross.
Owl necklace: Owls are cool. I hope there's more forest goths out there.

Skull necklace: Can't go wrong with this.
Unicorn: I kind of like how this looks like a knight chesspiece. I don't associate unicorns with evil though.
Guitar necklace: you really can only wear this ironically
Fairy ear wrap: AG was doing the ear wraps before they were cool. I'm sure fairy fans would love this.
Steampunk ear wrap: I'm not really into steampunk, but it's cool.
Clown studs: I'm not down with the clown
Crescen[t]s earrings: Not a fan of the skulls, but a fan of the moons
Demon cherubs playing a violin: AG does romantic goth well

Ear wrap: I think this is supposed to be a constellation. I think it looks awesome. Seriously AG does the best ear wraps.
Sleeping bats: I know a lot of people would probably like this, but I don't think the sleeping bat is as recognizable a figure as a flying bat. I feel like these would look like lumpy blobs and not bats.
Ankh: Yep, nothing to complain about here. You sure you didn't want to put skulls or something on this, AG?
Gear earrings: Same here, AG. No bats or skulls or black roses here? What gives?
Clown ring: still not down with the clown
Poison ring: This ring has a hidden space inside (to keep poison!!). I love accessories like this, that tell a story. lets us pretend to be the villianess we've always wanted to be.
A skull ring: skulls are out of style unless you're a metal dude or a biker guy
Clock ring: "Not a functioning timepiece." the 13th hour is a nice touch.

Corset bangle: not sure how cinching your wrist with a metal corset bangle would work
Bat bracelet: The goth version of the hipster's "put a bird on it" is "put a bat on it"
Black Swan: I kind of think it would be better if it were velvet instead of leather.
Thorgud: I know it's supposed to be Viking, but from here it looks Celtic. Either way, I haven't seen anyone wear something like this since the late 90s.

Sos my final conclusion, after not really paying attention to AG for many years is that not much has changed, and it's fun to geek out over some nostalgia items. I almost feel like everything's going to go full circle and this stuff will be back in style again. No more minimalist geometric occult'll be celtic and viking and skulls exploding out of crosses and black roses and shit.

What's your take on Alchemy Gothic?


  1. Funny, I've looked at AG's site just yesterday for no reason, despite not being interested in their stuff for years. It's really funny to see nothing changed since 2008 or so, only maybe they carried more romantigoth items back then.
    About the Skullhammer pendant (jeez, these names...) - it's totally a hammer shape, it's a traditional shape of Thor's hammer, such pendants always look like this, no matter how many skulls you throw on them.

    1. Lol I had no idea about Thor's hammer. Not very metal of me

  2. I like Alchemy Gothic jewelry and own more than a few pieces, but they are more 'classic' designs as a lot of their designs have me thinking, 'what the fuck?' all over the place. I got to see their booth at a clothing convention in Vegas and was blown away by the extremely high mark ups! (I understand the fashion/retail math, but whoa!)

    Just like anything, I weed through the crap to get to the good ;)

    1. Their pricing makes zero sense. You've got the 20 cheapo earrings that look as if they cost a few cents to make, and then you've got stuff almost 200 bucks. The person who spends that much on jewelry isn't going to spend that on AG

  3. my eyes are bleeding...
    Well, I should admit for wanting everything by AG when I was a babybat, but times has changed and I have grown up, and AG clearly haven't.
    The skull Thor hammer almost made me throw up (anything thor hammer related makes me throw up) and the guitar necklace... omg...
    I think my favorite piece was the Rosofix, it looks nice

    1. why do you hate the thor's hammer thing so much? I think its dumb myself, but just curious

  4. Hahha, lol, I used to be obsessed with AG's designs, but I kind of forgot about them too. I follow them on Facebook, so I sew some of their latest designs, but they all seem so messy, all over the place, but in the same time, repetitve now...The owl necklace, the unicorn pendant - although I don't associate unicorns with evil either - and the constellation ear wrap are kinda of cool. The clock ring with the 13th hour is fun, but it's a shame that it's not functional...

  5. WOW these are all quite ugly. I didn't know that Juggalos shopped at Alchemy Gothic, lol.

    1. lol god help them if they're trying to expand into the juggalo market