Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to goth, 2000s

First off, you need to know the history. Hippies, middle fingers, cigs. This was obviously the days before Wikipedia. And the most 90s-00s thing ever is deciding that the world sucked and just moping around. Oh, if you only knew the state of the world 15-20 years later. And 20 years later, cloves aren't a good idea.

Age: kudos for acknowledging older goths...

Behavior: In today's post-modern world, whenever someone posts a "broody" pic, it's ironic. No one takes themselves so seriously anymore. Also broody goth died after Columbine, and after people are more open about mental disabilities and disorders.

Diet: Hors 'doerves? The hell? Does anyone know why? And of course cigarettes. I'm really glad that smoking isn't cool in the scene anymore. We're in a much more positive place. Nearly everyone is a vegan and focused more on healthier food and a healthier lifestyle.

Majors: HAHA yes this is still true today. I feel like everyone I follow online is one of those majors: Literature, art, psychology, history.

Natural Habitat: Why laboratories? This was a bit too early for steampunk, so I'm thinking this is more a reference to all those industrial/fetish photoshoots. lol "sometimes" goth clubs. Otherwise, still accurate.

Natural Range and Race: HOLY MOLY not ok to say today. One thing I like most about dark fashion today is that it's more inclusive. There are plenty of people who aren't pale Euros who are trendsetters and look amazing. I wouldn't say it's a "plus" anymore.
Thrift stores: the only way to go. I remember being young and broke and thrifting, hoping I'd find a goth brand. Lol I don't think I understood the point. I do love their confidence: you will find old clothes that fit into two categories: Victorian or Cyber Punk. Damn that's very 00s. I don't think I ever found either in my crappy suburban Salvation Army. Today, however, I can 100% say that you'll find both at any fast-fashion store, since those styles are coming back. Thrifting in NYC is a whole different story, though. There are amazing finds to be had--but after getting bed bugs, I only buy new.

Note that there's no advice to head to the goth store or Hot Topic and buy some Lip Service or whatever. That's because only posers did that. Don't worry guys, I'll cover whether or not it's still poser to buy goth brands in separate post. Tackling the real issues that matter. In the 00s the question was, buy brand or DIY? Almost 20 years later, the question is, do you get sponsored posts as an "influencer," or buy your own shit like a peasant?

The poster recommends going to record stores to people-watch for style inspiration. Looks like in his/her neighborhood, people wore prom dresses? or wedding dresses? But yeah, I do remember going to the Northside of Chicago in my DIY finery and peacocking around the alternative music record store with the other alternative people. LOL it was only people from the suburbs who came to the city to do this.  I do have to say it's quite nice that the goth community is more global, so you get to see a lot more interesting styles online and not just Darkthorne's prom dress at the half-price record store.

How has the "How to Goth" advice changed since you entered the scene?


  1. I think I've stumbled upon some 'how to goth' advice recently in Polish, and it was exactly the same as the ones I've been seeing 10 years ago. Wear long dresses and corsets, be pale, go sit in the graveyards, read books, listen to gothic metal and brood. We never had the mall goth type because of lack of gothic shops, so the most popular fashion was romantigoth for girls, as wide skirts and bell sleeves were easy to thrift, and jeans + metal band tee for guys, because who the hell would listen to gothic bands lol.
    But despite the online advices I don't see romantigoths anymore and most girls in long dresses are models, who are often dressed up by stylists and the clothes aren't their own. And this is probably my biggest pet peeve in the online gothic community nowadays. You don't have to be creative, you don't even have to relate to goth in any way - you just require a pretty face and willingness to don a 'fairytale' dress for a photoshoot.

    1. I feel like romantic Goths will come back, but then again who knows what's real. Sponsored influencers are driving me crazy lately because I'm tired of seeing the same shit over and over again. Or the same people. But I guess there was a lot of homogeny in the scene always

  2. This resurrects some memories! I found goth in the late '90s, when the web was really taking hold, and I must have read a zillion personal "how to be goth" pages. The red text on black background still makes my eyes hurt.

    I lose goth points for being a business major. ;)

    Perhaps hors d'oeuvres because you could eat them without ruining your dark lipstick?

    1. Same here! I found it in the mid to late 90s too. My masters degree is a business degree too!

  3. I've always thrifted, although I've had some big ticket items, too. I was definitely into literature, a rare Gith who got into it through books! I'm still consider myself Gothy on the inside and love a much more eclectic mix of alternative music than when I was a young Goth.

  4. omg those websites, yess!!!! I agree with you - goths did take themselves super serious back in the day. It was cool to be mopey, cool to be dramatic. Everyone's just sarcastic now lol.
    Also agree on the whole influencer situation... urgh *shivers*
    We had shitty thrift stores in my city in Israel and it was difficult to find anything but granny clothes. There were 2 goth shops in Tel Aviv that were ridiculously overpriced. Bet they're still are now.
    I rather go to a fast fashion store or play around with accessories and makeup to achieve the look. I need my basics to go to the grocery store and to the club. I hardly have clothes that are for the club only.