Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pantone Spring Colors for 2017

It's that time of year again, when we check in with mainstream's fashion "it" colors of the season. And for me, since I haven't been around for most of the month, mainstream fashion in general. For real, what happened while I was gone? Bell bottoms? Puffy off-the-shoulder tit curtains that don't look flattering on anyone?

Pantone spring 2017

Lapis Blue: This is the mandatory denim color--there's always a denim color in these sets.

Niagara: This gray-blue is my favorite for leather, esp shoes and handbags (like I used above).

Primrose Yellow: This wearable yellow looks a little autumn to me, but I'm seeing it in a lot of floral patterns like the one above. Also in a lot of other prints.

Pale Dogwood: the color of the flowering tree that kind of stinks but looks beautiful in the spring! This, along with hazelnut and island paradise (and all the ruffles all over the place) remind me of antique and lolita styles.


Island Paradise: This pastel turquoise that looks nice in lace, great for Victorian-inspired or lolita looks.

Hazelnut: When used with florals, like the above skirt, or patterns, it reminds me of faded wallpaper, and therefore antique things. Does anyone still dress Victorian or is that too out-of-date? I had for a little bit--younger me would be happy with all the ruffly high-collars and lace that's all over the place these days.

Flame: An accent color, though I have seen a number of people dying their hair in this red-orange. I happen to like orange for lipstick too.

Kale: What I eat for lunch these days! Whatever, it's the only leafy green that's actually filling. I'm seeing a lot of military-inspired looks all over the place, which I'm not really cool with anymore due to the political situation here (even though I love all the pockets in military-inspired looks). I do see this olivedrab green in vintage-inspired looks here and there...

Greenery: the color of the year! It's a bright bold green that I'm interpreting as a neon green in the below set, what with 00s styles coming back and all. Couldn't resist adding the zipper pants in the below set, though hilariously out-of-date...for now

Pink Yarrow: I'm interpreting this as hot pink. Hot pink and neon green were my cybergoth colors way back when.

Pink Yarrow / Greenery

What are your favorite colors in the set? How would you wear them?


  1. I predicted we'd go full circle into crazy conservative fashion but I had no idea it would turn out like this. Have you seen Forever21's catalog? Ugly!! I had seen nothing but renaissance revival and 70's items on the runway, who the hell brought out these douchey looking 60's meets 80's tent dresses?! My best friend and I were discussing that everything out now looks like crap. The bonus I guess, with everyone wearing men's oversized pajamas, is that I'll look totally hot being the only girl with any shape lol. At least the pantones are bright and fun this time around but honestly what I've seen in store is largely army green, chambray, off white, brown and orange. It's just totally weird and rather drab for alt fashionistas.

    1. I was at f21 yesterday and hated everything. So unflattering!!! Sad sacks and that off the shoulder bs. Big sleeves, but not in a cool way. Hippy rags. Peasant rags

    2. More clashing colours? Ugh! Mainstream fashion needs a makeover!

  2. I might try to throw some green or yellow in with the black for this spring..... LOL to "puffy off the shoulder tit curtains"! Also, FUCK NO to bell bottoms.

  3. The entire bottom row of colors was my favorite. I like the pastel shades, but I would never wear them hehe. I tend to incorporate a bit of the yellow here and there, as well as red, though it's not in the palette.

    Gawd those off the shoulder tops!! Literally one of the shirt styles I hate most. Doesn't look flattering, impractical, messes up your proportions... urgh!

  4. I too get the Lolita vibe from Pale Dogwood. None of those colors appeal to me, unless I think of them as an accent color on black clothes. :D