Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Wear Brooches (Summer)

My brooch collection

I am NOT a big brooch person. I always thought they looked too old-lady or too vintage (not really my style). Most people wear them on blazer lapels...I HATE HATE HATE blazers. Since I got the two NASA pins while I was at the Coach store getting my wallet from the previous post, I thought tonight's the night I finally decide how I'm going to wear brooches in a way that (1) isn't old-lady and (2) isn't on a lapel and (3) will work for summer.

With a buttoned shirt, layered with a necklace. Here I pinned the vintage moonstone brooch (I previously wore as a headband) between the first and second buttons, by the collar. It's not old-lady/Victorian if you wear a necklace with it, and is kind of a hipster way to dress up a collared shirt.

At the neckline of a dress. Ok this one is both old-lady and vintage, but I think it still looks nice even though it's not my style. It's probably the most folksy dress I own to go with the Russian lacquer pin my mom had given me. If instead of the summery pattern, I had something from the embroidery trend, this would look awesome. If wearing necklaces in the sweaty heat bothers your skin, this is a good way to dress up a neckline.

To "spook up" a summer print. Bug brooches are the best brooches. My creepy centipede brooch is an odd shape and is huge, but it is balanced by the big bold flowers on this dress. This too is a vintagey look, but because of the subject matter of the brooch, I don't think it's old-lady at all.
Pinned to a choker. Chokers are in, so pinning a smaller brooch to one is a trendy way to wear them, especially if you have a Victorian-looking brooch. I used to have a vampire-looking choker in high school, which was a black ribbon and a cross brooch.

As a "buckle" on a high-waisted skirt. So, I think this is a winner. I like the look of belts but hate wearing them when they aren't actually holding anything up. Since it isn't being worn in the traditional place, it isn't "old-lady," and there's nothing "vintage" about the look of a belt buckle. It makes more sense with a full-body shot (sorry I'm uggo in these photos!)
Had to dry the lacquer brooch again! It is awesome!!

How do you wear brooches in the summer?


  1. Bug brooches are the best brooches indeed. :) My favorite is a silver spider with black crystals. In summer, I wear it on a short-sleeve cardigan, pinned near the neckline.

    Great idea to wear a brooch as a "buckle" at the waist. It looks very nice with a black skirt and top.

    1. Spider brooches are the best! And this reminds me that I need more cardigans

  2. Nice styling ideas! I had never thought to use a brooch in so many ways. I have a few cool pins that I have been trying to style lately, thanks for the ideas :)