Thursday, December 27, 2018

2019 Trend Predictions (and trends I'd like to see)

What sort of dark fashion trends will we see in 2019? 

The nicer term for mall goth. I think we are going to be seeing more embellished clothing and accessories, so listen for sounds of chains rattling, straps jostling, zippers zipping, and belts tightening. Expect to see people getting caught on chairs and doors and each other, plus more lists of "problems only goths have."
On a related note I think we'll start seeing....

Yes, bondage pants. My jaw dropped when I saw my first bondage pant in over a decade at the Gucci store on 5th Ave. That same day I saw a KoRn shirt at Top Shop, and further thought that I was having a stroke or something. I don't know why I haven't seen bondage pants yet, but I'm sure they are coming, and Tripp, who has never stopped making them, will be very happy.
With bell sleeves, lace, and ruffles entering mainstream fashion again, it's no surprise that people have been wearing gothic lolita-inspired and romantic looks again. This is another style rehashed from the early 2000s that existed alongside Mall Goth looks. Why? My guess is that this counterculture ultrafeminine look contrasted with the more masculine punk and metal fashion of the time. 

Next up we have looks that I like right now that could perhaps inspire others this year.
Oversize clothing and accessories were everywhere on the runways and I think no matter where you shop, you're going to see these kinds of items. Does this mean we're going to see even more shapeless black things? I think so.
my newest goth sack

Humor: I'd also like to see more humorous and ironic items, like this Balenciaga Croc platform. I don't mean funny like dumb slogans on T-shirt. I really hate those.

Last and not least, my most favorite look on any runway or anywhere was Gucci's Spring 2018 line. I love the haircuts, loved the clothes, especially loved  loved the glasses--It's what inspired me to get mine:

It's retro but in kind of a new and exciting way that I haven't really seen before. It's so decidedly uncool that it's somehow cool? You can bet I'm going to get one of those bad haircuts as soon as my hair grows out.

Anything you're looking forward to this year?


  1. The Gucci feathered hair looks very early 80s/ late 70s.

  2. Those crocs induce real time cringe. Like plastic knee mom jeans lol...

    Bondage pants are a pretty good prediction for alternative fashion! Very much seems like it'll follow.

    I don't honestly know what I could add to that prediction in terms of alternative fashion, I've been pretty partial to the resurgence in the Lolitaesque, but it's significantly more mature than its first appearance. In my opinion it can no longer have the 'lolita' designation... I've been calling it Gunne Sax Goth, and I totally dig the style. A LOT.
    I have been toying with that idea/style for a few years now since getting some actual vintage Gunne Sax patterns... so I hope it develops, so that I can reap the patterns that follow =P

    I will predict suede color blocking and ribbed jersey knits for fall/winter 2019 to the general.
    Those 80's and 90's Gucci vibes are strong.

    1. Had to google Gunne Sax...and, wow, those outfits are sooo cool! Makes me want to DIY some of those myself. Thanks for introducing me to that!

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