Friday, October 30, 2015

Red and Gold weeks

The past two weeks have been strange at work since my group was folded into a larger group. I'm in a new bigger job's still the same but the work that my lean team of 3 is now being done by like 15 people. The levels of bureaucracy are amazing. I inherited an assistant and I now attend meetings with the other managers, so I'm suddenly very visible. To introduce myself to the group, I've been wearing a flashy combination of red and gold (lol and participating in the meetings). It's easy to disappear in a corporate setting. For better or for worse, I've chosen not to.  

For one thing, I now wear my septum, which I've never worn to the office. The hoop earrings are ridiculously flashy and cheap looking, but I like em.

I bought a leather skirt from American Apparel and this reminded me that I need more leather skirts. It kind of started me on this whole red kick. This shade is exactly the same color as my nail polish.

Outfit shot while shopping at All Saints. I'm still not sure if I look "middle manager" enough

lol or how about taking a nail glamour shot with a lollipop? Is that professional? 

Sometimes I wore plain gold hoops instead of the cheapo trendy ones.

Also for the first time, I started wearing makeup to the office. Mainly my new lip pencil, since I can't stand the way lipstick feels on my lips and gets all over my tea mug. I walked all over sephora trying to get the perfect red that matched my nails (the X in the below photo was made with the pencil). Seriously, I can't recommend this pencil enough. It lasts all day, and doesn't rub off on anything, and you can't feel it. And this brand doesn't have lead in its products. (made in the EU/Germany, which has some of the strictest regulations on toxic chemicals in makeup)

The other thing is, I noticed people were nicer to me and actually wanted to talk to me on days I wore makeup. I guess people treat you better when you're attractive. Or they too have an appreciation for people who coordinate their reds so perfectly ;)

Leather skirt: American Apparel
Lip pencil: Make Up For Ever aqua lip color# 8C (waterproof lipliner pencil, worn as full lip color)
Nail polish: Nina Ultra Pro Cherri Berri (709237)
Striped shirt: ????

All from Body Art Forms except plain gold hoop earrings, from Century 21, and decorative gold-painted mystery-metal hoops from Forever 21. Midi ring from Claire's.


  1. I love the earrings, septum ring and all the red! Well, they say red is a good way to be remembered!

  2. I like the big huge cheap earrings! Also lovin' the red leather skirt. Thank f**k that we don't have All Saints in Canada, otherwise I would be broke.