Thursday, January 26, 2017

RIP American Apparel

So I always joked that American Apparel was the best goth store, since they have a whole lot of shiny black things for sale, but really they had the best basics around. But after declaring bankruptcy and ousting the CEO and drastic changes, they were finally bought by a Canadian brand and are now closing all their stores. Here's a look back at some of my favorite outfits (sorry you probably have seen most of these before!)

high-wasted shorts

They were my favorite brand for a number of reasons. First off, I never, ever regretted a purchase from there. They are my most-worn items. Since they are basics (as in, plain clothes with no designs or details...pure minimalist clothing) they go with everything. From an over-the-top occult shirt to something for the office. It's surprisingly hard to find just a plain black t-shirt, t-shirt dress, turtleneck without stupid shit on it. No lace, no decorative stitching or design, gathering/pleats/darts, slogans. Especially if you have an accessory-heavy look like I do, you really just want clean lines and minimalism. 

Sheer oversized t-shirt (with no stupid shit on it!)
Of course, most people remember them from their sexy ads (the ceo was kind of pervy), and some of their clothing was pretty racy. There aren't a whole lot of brands that would have a plunging neckline that went down to your crotch lol. The below bodysuit was my absolute fav for going out on the town.

 This fit-and-flare turtleneck dress is my favorite to wear with loud leggings. Also I still own jewelry made out of questionable metals that I don't want touching my skin, so I wear turtlenecks...and no cool brand wants to make lame turtlenecks (and when they do, they never are tight enough around your neck!!) Just bought a bunch of mock-neck shirts from AA for this reason.
turtleneck dress
 Yeah, it was more expensive than F21/H+M, but when you consider that it was ethically made and good quality, it's really not that bad. There were many times I'd see something "ethically made" and "high quality" being sold for hundreds of dollars, and I'd see the same damn thing at AA for like $50 bucks. I try to buy from companies who pay their workers a living wage, and I for real don't know where I'm going to go now. I'm just going to stick to the sale racks at high-end department stores for brands I know. I honestly don't think I need anymore clothes anyway.
plain black collared shirt that I added collar clips to.
 My favorite crop top! I HATE the sleeves on 99% of t-shirts out there. Like, most of them don't cover your armpit! Men's t-shirts always go mid-bicep. Women's shirts barely cover the shoulders! Why?? Is it because men need them for their armpit hair? Well I don't shave sometimes either! Also my upper arms get cold..if I wanted to wear a tank I would! Thank you to the feminists working at AA who gave us a real damn short sleeve! Every time I see a bullshit sleeve I want to scream.
crop top t-shirt
So, a lot of people stopped shopping there after finding out that the CEO was a perv (even though he was ousted years ago). The scandals stuck around. As you can guess, I don't really care about the personal lives of the people who work at any company. Does the company pay their workers a living wage or employ children? It's hard to know for any company, but AA prided itself on being fair-trade--plus they only had one factory, in LA.
All AA
So sad! The below skirt is my everyday skirt at the office. Looks good with corp looks and goth looks.
Pleated skirt
The skirt that matched my nails perfectly...
my favorite leather skirt!!
 And this look from not long ago! The best deal I ever got. I don't know how much this holographic leather skirt was (I want to say $200), but I got it for like $40 bucks!
All AA. LOOK AT THOSE SLEEVES!! the perfect length!

Two-way toned tights

Mock-neck top

Mock-neck top, sheer skirt. I bought 4 of the mock necks when they were on sale for 10 bucks each. They are the perfect top. Look at that perfect sleeve length. Also super thick fabric.

Any recommendations for high-quality ethically made basics that are less than $80 (dresses) $40 (t-shrits)?? 


  1. I am so with you on the sleeves! I wish they'd either make a top sleeveless or give me a real sleeve... none of this in-between cap sleeve nonsense. I HATE cap sleeves.

    It stinks when your go-to shop closes. :(

  2. Gorgeous outfits! I can't think of any brand that would achieve all those qualities (ethical production, low price and good quality). >_> Though nowadays many brands need to consider ethical aspects in their production, because the consumers want that. :)

    1. The consumers do! Hope more companies take that to heart

  3. I usually by my basics in C&A, it's even cheaper, than H&M, but the quality is fairly good. I don't have too many options since these are the only two stores, that carry basic stuff, but I hate H&M to guts. Ethically made basics are a far-off dream here...

    1. Yeah it's shocking how hard it is to find plain clothes with no embellishments.

  4. I wonder if there was a difference between the American inventory and Canadian because whenever I checked their catalog they only had very basic stuff like leggings and t-shirts available. No fancy dresses or skirts, just incredibly plain ones, and everything was crazy expensive but I assume that's because of the exchange rate. I was put off of buying their stuff because of their marketing campaigns, not just because their photos looked like cheap porn but at a time many of themwere made to look...clearly underage. Like a half naked girl touching herself on a busted ass couch with no make up on but her hair was in pigtails and ribbons and she didn't look a day over 13. I showed it to my friends and it was very offputting.

    It's hard to find ethically made things in Canada, unless you're willing to pay a premium at indie boutiques, but that doesn't always mean quality. I had perused a number of boutiques on my vacation last year to see many poorly made garments that were from Italy or Germany, or some place you'd expect to get good products from and not a cheapo linen dress for $250 CAD! Sewing isn't much better. Other than being expensive I have no idea where the fabric comes from, who made it and under what conditions. :/

    1. I didn't mind the ads... But I'm a fan of sleazy low-brow Terry Richardson-type work. Not for everyone, that's for sure!

  5. I adore all your outfits, such diversity! You pull every style off so well!
    Mock neck tops are the best! I don't like turtlenecks (overdid it in junior high) so mock neck are the perfect balance between neck covered/revealed. You made me want to go shopping again (as if I ever stopped)

    1. Thanks!! For some reason I'm late to the mock neck game. Really the best of both worlds

  6. I really enjoy the colour scheme that you have going on in your second last photo there, it looks awesome with your hair. Also, the two-colour tights remind me of an old pair that I have from American Apparel that I need to dig out of the depths of my closet and resurrect.