Saturday, April 18, 2020

Don't Buy Satanic T-Shirts from Goth Brands

You've seen the T-shirts of Baphomet, inverted pentagram, and other Satanic imagery on T-shirts. Sure, they are cool. But it's more fashionable to support the Satanic Temple, an activist religious organization (and, yes, it is a real religion) based out of Salem, MA. 

In the US, the Christian Right is successfully limiting the reproductive rights of women and fighting back against LGBT groups, and all religious groups that are not Christian, including nonreligious groups. The only effective group fighting back against the Christian Right is the Satanic Temple. Read about their progressive campaigns here

If you're an atheist like I am, this religious group is the only one fighting for your right to be free from religion, so support the cause instead lining some gothic fashion brand's pockets. I've got a few of the Satanic Temple T-shirts and they are great quality, plus the illustrations from Luciana Nedelea are stunning. Get the shirts from the official shop:


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