Saturday, February 16, 2013

challenge 10 + 11: origins and 3 things I wish would come back

Read about the original challenge here.

So challenge 10 is on how you got into goth fashion. Mine is the same story as everyone else's--seeds planted in my upbringing, then got into the music/fashion. My mother had a thing for dark movies and eccentric fashion (I have some of her 80s goth hand-me-downs) and even dyed her hair purple in the 60s using pen ink. She went to fashion school and then took her technical drawing skills to engineering.  She also loved art and encouraged creativity. Then, when I was 12, my older sister (in high school) had a suitor chasing her around who was a goth kid and very handsome. My mother and I thought he was a good kid, but my sister was too weirded out by the whole goth thing. The rest is history. (by the way, funny story, my sister's a fashion designer now and at one point in her career designed clothes for Hot Topic. She's got an etsy store.)

my mom, I think in the early 80s or late 70s.

Challenge 11: Trends I wish would come back:

1. Eyeliner swirls
I've got to recreate this for old times sake

2. nose-to-ear chain
to the club! funny story with this night...for another post
oh HOMM2
maybe too much chain this one.  post on this look

3. long trench coats
Regrettably, I was just getting into goth right before Columbine happened. I even had a trench coat. Of course, after Columbine long black trench coats got a bad name. My sister's suitor had his taken away, I ended up wearing my brown one. Really a shame, cause they are cool. Also, a few other things gave trench coats a bad name:
this shit with too much shit on it
If anyone's a white wolf gamer like I am, forever trapped in the 90s, you'll recognize these ridiculous dusters that the dorks wore, usually with jeans and sneakers. SO LAME! I want to push every one of these dorks into a locker. 

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  1. I am so willing to try eyeliner swirlies sometime when I have enough time to practice and a reason to wear it. I may dress up some for errands, but I think eyeliner swirlies is a bit much for Safeway.