Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Challenge #13: Goths I Met In Real Life

Read about the original challenge here.

I had to skip challenge 12, since that's going to be Polyvore-heavy and Polyvore seems to be buggy at the moment. So I'll skip ahead for now to "goths I met IRL"

So in high school, there was about 2 others who self-identified as goths (or in my case, rivethead). One of them was my friend for a while until her drug use got out of control and I didn't want a part of it. By the way, she died recently... I can only guess how. Really a shame because she was really nice. The other one was someone I considered a poser at the time. She fell victim to suburban lameness, and is now wearing mom jeans and posting pictures of her casseroles and sending me Zynga game requests on FB. Guess I wasn't wrong. In high school, I also met the guy from Manufactura (not even sure if he's doing music anymore).


In college, I met my now-husband, who's old school. He's got a few photos with the curly q eyeliner when he used to play in a goth band. 90s, you know. One of his old bandmates (Acid) would go on to play in Fashion Bomb, who opened for Manson when I saw them in 2004. Acid is still a good friend of ours and was at our wedding. Also in college, I befriended a Colombian guy--let me tell you, the Latin Americans love alternative culture. The three of us would go to clubs and shows, including Nocturna, where we met DJ Scary Lady Sarah.
fashion bomb (music video below)
Scary Lady Sarah is the greatest
Since I made the move to NYC, I know a number of goths, most of them in my gaming circle, which I talked a bit about in this post, and a few closet goths in my industry, including a wiccan, a rivethead, and a geek.

So that's pretty much it, minus a few random people I talked to once here and there. Kind of an odd question for a challenge, but it's nice to remember folks.

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