Monday, February 4, 2013

Challenge #4: headwear

Challenge number 4 is : Favorite thing to put on my head. (Read about the original challenge here.)
Angelic Pretty

This probably applies more to lolita--they've got all the cute bonnets, hats, giant straw bonnets, wigs, tiny-hats-on-headbands, kitty ears, etc. These always look great on them, not a look for me though.

I'm not really a big hat person. Unless you were wearing them for warmth (probably why the beanie is coming back--its so practical!), they seemed so fussy to me. I find myself taking them off and on during the day, and if you've got a wide brim, they fly off all the time. Also, hat hair.

I've been liking head chains (though I don't own any-- but I've seen some that were amazing on people), wide brimmed hats, hoods are always cool, and cloth headbands with a wire inside so they tie perfectly and stay on your head--perfect for a rockabilly look.

I also included three head trends that I'm not really a fan of--don't get me wrong, some of these look cool on people. Other people. First up is the ultimate trendy-as-trendy-gets spiked hat. Pretty much as soon as you've bought this online (I've never seen this in a bricks-and-mortar store), it's going to be out of style by the time it ships to your house. Who's the audience for this? Rockers, with the studs? Rappers with the cap shape? Rap-rock? I rest my case. Outside of tumblercore, I've never seen anyone wear this. Also, you know its going to have those cheap studs on them.

headwear, hats

Next up is the spiked headband. I made one of these in high school but didn't wear it too much, precisely for the same reason I wouldn't wear it now--putting spikes on something doesn't always make it punk or goth or whatever. Sometimes you look like the Statue of Liberty. It looks ok as a trend for non-punks/goths, but it always looked so cheery on me. Next up is the decapitated stuffed animal heads--I see these all the time on the street.

I own two hats that I like. The top one is a straw hat, the bottom one looks like straw, but it's actually made of paper. Damn you Urban Outfitters! But they are both of a similar style--a wide circular brim. It kind of makes a hat-halo around your face.

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And this is another one of my looks with the same hat:

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