Thursday, February 7, 2013

Challenge #6: favorite brand

Read about the original challenge here. This week it's your favorite brand.

Surprise! It's American Apparel. I really don't know why this store gets such a bad rap. The quality is great, it's sexy, it goes with everything, and it's made in the USA and proudly pays its workers a good wage and benefits. I also love that the clothing is not embellished in any way. I don't know how many times I went to forever 21, bloomingdales, wherever just looking for a plain sheer/velvet/heavyweight cotton shirt with nothing on it that fits well. No bedazzles, no stupid writing, no pockets, no ribbons, no silly trims--impossible.

high waisted shorts

tshirt (also wearing Lip Service Corset)

turtleneck dress

bodysuit (also wearing Lip Service jacket)

harness and bra

I'm also a huge fan of Lip Service. Of all the Goth-only brands, it's my favorite. They do some really original things and keep themselves fresh.

and they got the classics too


  1. I like the look of AA but the racism/sexism and sleaziness irks me...

    1. yeah, i've seen the ads and dov's sleazy--but whatever he does with consenting adults is none of my business. With the direction labor rights and outsourcing is going in, it's really great to see a company that supports its workers. I've personally had my job outsourced and I've had to work for free under very very illegal internships, so I personally care more about labor exploitation--which is extremely common in the clothing industry. There's very, very few clothing brands that have their hands clean in this regard. An uneasy trade--good labor practices vs. an unsavory CEO. Maybe it's the hardcore Marxist in me, but there isn't a company on this planet that isn't corrupt and despicable.