Thursday, February 14, 2013

challenge #9: Five keywords that describe my personal style

Read about the original challenge here.

5 Keywords that describe my personal style

lol. I really buy a lot of stuff that isn't too practical. And I like to make things needlessly difficult for me like shaving my eyebrows off or growing 2 inch-and-a-half nails


Yeah you've got the glam goths who look like they have their shit together. Not me. I'd rather not comb my hair or get my makeup perfect.
I kinda miss my hair...
I try to get good things that last and aren't cheap shit. Knock offs of knock offs of knock offs. Not to get too poetic here, but sometimes you just want to wear something that's real. jeggings: for people who can't afford real jeans.

real 100% wool cheerleader sweater (actually a cheerleader sweater); lambskin hat, 100% wool socks
Not girly, not butch, not femme fatale
I don't do the girly thing. I don't do the sexy thing. I don't do the butch thing. Femme fatale is the closest thing, but like I said, I don't do the sexy thing. I love asexual clothing and I often look to men's styling for inspiration.

I change my style all the time, so....


  1. Your style sounds so interesting. And for some reason it makes me think of real 'human' styles. Rather than the quoted wants of being glamorous or 'edgy' that are almost never achievable I think you're style (or how you speak about it) sounds very human and realistic.

  2. The first photo reminds me of something Daphne Guinness would wear. She's not "Goth" but she's pretty fabulous.

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love Daphne. There's nothing more i want on this earth than to be a rich eccentric socialite