Sunday, March 24, 2013

Packing for Florida!

So I'm leaving for Florida in a few days to visit my dad. He lives in a retirement community not too far from the Everglades. I'll be there for about 7 days and am really looking forward to it, especially after all these cold days. When I travel, I like to match the local colors...greys for Nantucket, browns and oranges for leaf-peeping in Vermont, lame cruise wear for cruises. So... I've basically got to match my outfits to this

and this

and maybe this

I'm basically going to be hanging around the retirement community, going to the pool, playing racquetball, going to karaoke (my dad's crazy about that). One day, we'll go to the Everglades, another day we'll go to the beach. Most of the time though, retirement community.

Whenever I think of alternative folks in swamp land, I alway think of one of my favorite comics, Wet Moon. 

I actually don't know who this is... maybe from the latest issue?
But that's probably going to be like one day. I'm mostly hanging around the retirement community. So... packing my bag:

For the pool, pink/peach palm tree bikini and HUGE hat for sun protection, in light pink and green

tattered cut-off shorts, light blue shirt with occult-looking eye (outfit post here). Striped dollar store tank I don't mind hand washing (tank and shorts worn here)

for the day at the everglades: army tank with bleach stains and army-inspired shorts

surprise! the one black thing I'm bringing, and it's a onesie. I'm crazy about this thing

for some of the colder days, this beachy-grungy outfit
all packed! That's my tiny bag. For scale, there's a standard junk mail envelope. 
Shoes: One pair of flip flops (packed), one pair of canvas Converse sneakers (worn to the airport).

I'm debating on whether or not I want to bring my DSLR camera or just stick to my cell phone. For the airport, long jeans and a sweatshirt (good for cold weather too).

So guys, what would you pack for hanging around a retirement community in Florida? Does anyone else pack their bags to "match" their destination?


  1. I generally stay as goth/punk as always no matte where I go lol, I simply don't own anything else.

  2. I'll be in Florida visiting my parents in April for 7 days. We're going to be hanging out with them, but we're going to Sarasota and Orlando for some Tiki bars. I'm trying to pack lots of cotton items, mostly dresses.
    Have fun!!!

  3. I definitely pack to match my destination most of the time. Although this summer my trip is to the suburbs of Indianapolis so I think I may ditch that rule. I'm not going to wear aeropostle t-shirts and cargo shorts for any reason.