Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cyber/Mirror dress

I've always loved the cyberpunk look, but i've been over the dreadfall/neon look forever now... so i instantly I loved the new lip service "mirror image" collection.

Earrings: Bodyartforms
Dress: Lip Service
Bra: American Apparel
Cropped T-shirt: American Apparel (later pic)
Cadmium Bracelet: random junk store
Fang brass ring: Gareth Pugh
Plain wide brass ring: Luv Aj
Shoes:....too lazy to check the label

seriously, those AA bras are the best cause they don't look like bras.

a more everyday look

can't resist the photoshop

And a bit random... the above picture is my inspiration for the first picture in the post. I love the neon "buzzing" going on. To get the look I created a copy of the background layer and transformed the copy (-1% on the "explode" setting). Then I darkened and changed the hue for the background later. I made the copy at around 40% opacity and increased the contrast. (my numbers might be off since i'm writing this from memory)


  1. Love the jewelry, nails and the whole complete look. You make Lip Service look great!

  2. That dress is absolutely stunning! I think it looks great on you :)