Sunday, June 2, 2013

Red and Black Week: intro

Welcome to red and black week. 

The colors of demons, blood+vampires, and tempresses. 

yeah that's right... little red riding hood. actually all of the fairy tales are pretty much just about sex. 

Red and black are a powerful color combination. Red = bold, black = contrast. I actually try to remind myself not to buy clothes in this color scheme since it might look a bit costume-y. For me, anyway. Seems most people can pull these colors off better than I can.

But I'd argue that that's kind of the magic behind these colors--that it IS a bit costume-y.

So, here are a few black+red (and sometimes white, since that's the theme-within-the-theme this year) costumes and self-aware costume-y looks for inspiration for this week. demons, vampires, circus, pin up, fairy tales... you know. 

Nevermind me, just taking the train. (halloween)


  1. So much great Red & Black stuff to look at! I love your Halloween look, although I am baffled at how you got the horns attached securely. They look like they are not going to budge!

    I love the girl with the big red hair and fancy fishnets, too. Gorgeous!

    Thanks for joining in the big event this week!

    1. yep i'm excited for red and black week! I didn't do it last year :( it's nice seeing all the posts and enthusiasm this year. the horns are on an elastic band--they held up pretty good all night (the photo was from the end of the night, heading home).

  2. I love all the inspiration!

  3. "I love the girl with the big red hair and fancy fishnets, too. Gorgeous!"

    YES -- I want that outfit. Reminds me of a frilly lip service number I have...I'll have to post a pic sometime of my "goth swiss miss" outfit....

  4. All of these outfits are so great! I especially like the girl with the skeleton make-up's outfit :3 It's wonderful :3