Friday, July 19, 2013

Plan for a trip! Week's worth of outfits in one small suitcase

Read about the challenge here.

So, I'd consider myself an expert at packing. I've traveled a bit (usually not for an entire week, but about 3 days at a time). I've been flying Spirit lately cause it's dirt cheap--IF and only IF you don't have any bags. So, I pack everything in a 16 X 14 X 12 inch "personal item" bag. It can be done! I also recently went to Florida: you can see what I packed in this post.

travel: warm climate

warm climates are pretty easy, cause summer clothes are small.

Wear this to the airport:

  1. your sun hat--takes up too much space in your bag
  2. warm thing--even if you're going somewhere hot. you want to be prepared. I know a few beach trips I went on where I ended up wearing only the one warm thing I brought. 
  3. jewelry--you don't want it smashed up or lost in your bag. also (problems only goths have!) wear something that WILL get you past the security checkpoint!!! 
  4. pants--always bring pants
  5. your "suitcase" of course
  6. if you are bringing 2 pairs of shoes on the trip, wear the larger pair.
Pack this:
  1. all your underwear
  2. sandals (you can pack less socks if you have sandals). Also useful if you're grossed out by hotel floors.
  3. 5 shirts+2 bottoms, 1 dress, and whatever you wore to the airport are enough to get by for one week. If you can't make it work for some reason, hand wash something. I'd recommend something that's a blend of cotton/manmade or all manmade. natural fabric gets hard with handwashing. use shampoo.
  4. fancy swimsuit that could also work as a club top. I just thought of this... if i had the money. 
  5. else, a bralette that you could wear as a top too, if need be. that brings your bra count up to 2. Hand wash if need be.
  6. chargers, toothbrush, phone. I usually buy travel-sized toiletries (or use the hotel's) when I get at the destination. I never pack them. Pack this shit in a smaller, everyday purse that you'll pack into your suitcase.
  7. (not pictured) whatever you sleep in. 
Seriously, I've never had problems traveling with what's essentially a large purse for a suitcase. It's so much easier (and cheaper). You can store it in the seat in front of you (no check-in or overhead bins) and it's also lighter. What on earth are people packing that requires rolling suitcases!?!? With warm climate travel, you also actually have some room for souvenirs--that's been my problem in the past. 



  1. I like travelling light and never really had troubles fitting inot my bag, it's always the trip home, that's tricky because I pick up too much crap during my stay...:P

    The most important thing, in my opinion is to think about what you're really going to need where you're going and see if you can wash there. Pick your favorite / most practical / comfortable / suitable stuff for the trip and nothing more. You may want to take omething elegant on your trip to the desert, but what are the chances you'll run into a masquarade there? :P

  2. Perhaps if my body were a bit tighter, my packing would be a bit lighter ;)

  3. This is really useful, seeing as I'm going to Berlin for almost a week August 5th.