Friday, July 5, 2013

Post Your Collection: Earrings

So, I was switching out my earrings and thought to take a few pictures of the earrings I had... and then it turned into taking pictures of my entire earring collection. I do this periodically. Last time I did this was 4 years ago. For scale, each of the long industrial barbells are 1-1/4" inches.

My piercings, so these make sense to you: 4g lobes, 8g lobes, 18g lobe left ear, 14g industrial right ear. 16g lip, 18g nostril.

4 years ago, this was my collection:

you can see that some of the bone hasn't yellowed yet completely, and the bloodwood earrings (far left) are a pretty vibrant reddish color.

A pretty small collection. I used to have an entire drawer of stuff, but I had to throw everything out when I moved to NYC.  4 years later, this is my collection now:

yep, the bloodwood earrings (top) which were so vibrantly reddish before, are now more of a dark brown. Woods tend to darken. I'm wearing the bottom orangish earrings in this post. they are HUGE

yep bone yellows over time. Yep those are porcupine quills, which I wear in my industrial piercing when I'm doing the bone look. 

Bone, 24k gold (Yep I bought em!), and amber. the larger plugs are fake amber, the smaller ones (and the balls) are real. 
black stuff, mostly horn. the thick hoops are ebony wood and one of the plain spirals is acrylic (you really can't tell) and the pentagrams, huge captive bead rings, nose ring, labret and industrial are metal.

I usually wear the large hoops (2") through the earskin tunnels. I'm also wearing the top left in this post

my clear and white collection, which I'm looking to grow. I think it complements my platinum blond hair nicely. The spirals glow in the dark. How awesome is that. Yeah, only one solid glass earring (far right) can you guess what happened to the other? It broke when I dropped it. Ah, glass. I told myself I'd never buy another glass earring....

... oh well! Forgot to take a picture of my glass jellyfish earrings, which I just bought.
The only non-neutral-colored jewelry I own. these glow in the dark too. I kind of want to grow my colored earring collection, but it's really not practical. I think I've worn the pink ones once (for these photos) and the blue ones a few times. 
stone plugs. I'd like to grow my stone collection

my industrial earrings. I'd LOVE to get more, but most of the ones i've seen are tacky as dicks. I've also got a black one, clear, and quills (pictured earlier)

left, labrets (LOL PATHETIC I KNOW). I usually just wear the black spike or a retainer with a black o-ring. or clear. Left, nose rings. I usually just wear a black or silver hoop.

normal earrings. I hardly wear these. The left ones are beetle wings and are almost hologram-iridescent, which is very in now. I might take those out and wear them one of these days. The long chain I usually connect to my nose ring and the grass-looking ones I used to wear to job interviews.

I wear the inverted cross pretty frequently. The feathers and other, no.
I'd LOVE to see your collections!


  1. wooow you have so much of them!!!! they look really tribal and beautiful, I wish to own one of these swirly fake flesh expanders because they look so awesome!

    1. yeah! and it's great that they have the ones for normal-sized piercings now.

  2. Cool! I love those wooden earrings! ^^

  3. I think you have a great collection! I really love those gold earrings, they look so delicate!