Thursday, August 8, 2013

How I Accessorize

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I love love accessories! Bigger is always better for me with accessories. It's probably why I stretched my lobes to a 4g. Seriously, no regrets with that choice.

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Piercings: This is mainly how I accessorize. Easy--you're always wearing them. Nothing to put on or off. You can see my entire earring collection in this post. BTW... I actually DIDN'T chicken out and got my septum pierced... but that'll be its own post, when i finally get a camera.
my signature earring look, all from
Rings: I obviously wear my wedding ring daily. It's a plain titanium band. Not the traditional choice, but I'm allergic to gold. I bought some jewelry to complement my wedding ring (since I'm always wearing it). I think I have completed my signature "set." the other two rings are brass and don't irritate my skin. I think it may just be gold.
titanium wedding band, gareth pugh fang ring, luv aj knuckle ring, chinatown bracelet
 Glasses: also an item I wear every day. Starting to see a theme? Basically, I accessorize with the stuff I need to wear daily anyway. guess I'm just boring that way.

kinda miss my long hair. both of these glasses are from zenni optical--cheap prescription lenses!
Odds and ends: I was like wow! Collar clips (above, in the square glass pic)! Sock garters! I need this! Sometimes if something is new and original, I just get it just because.
rest of the outfit at this post
Belts: I use em to hold my pants up usually, but I do have a bullet belt I wear on occasion. Last time I wore it a crazy bum said I was going to shoot everyone, so that kind of killed the fun.

Purses: I actually don't have too many purses. I actually just use the corporate tote bag of the company I used to work for. I actually really like tote bags for some reason. I also have a Strand tote bag (the Strand is the big indie bookstore in NYC).

Also, sorry for repurposing the same old photos--I'm personally getting kind of sick of them myself. But alas, my camera is still broken and I still need to get a new one. I'd rather repost good pictures than shitty cameraphone ones.

What's your favorite accessory right now?


  1. I totally feel you on this! I wear my collar (I would need an allen key to take it off) every day, my piercings, the same two rings I've had for years, and sometimes my black hipster glasses. I do tend to like adding on to it, but it's nice to have my basics already done so even if I just toss on clothes and run I look like I made a lot more effort.

    1. i'm a fan of your collar... the plain stainless steel aesthetics of it are cool

  2. A couple of years ago, I used to look like a walking and talking jewellery bow, but I don't wear too many accessories anymore. I used to wear the necklace I got from my boyfriend on out first Christmas together, but since the seams broke and I still haven't gotten it fixed, I can't wear it at the moment. I wear a couple of other necklaces, but mostly just earrings. I love earrings. And I often wear clear lens glasses as well.

    1. props to your boyfriend for getting you jewelry you actually wear! All the dudes i've been with get me cutesy heart stuff or dainty girly things... not my style!

  3. I love all your daily accessories!
    I'm super lazy, and since I work with animals & children, I tend to wear really cheap bracelets (things I've made that are personal or those parachuter bracelets) because I can just pop them off in an instant if something needs to be cleaned or tackled. xD

    1. off to google what parachuter bracelets are...