Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday night!

Eh some personal blogging--I prefer to keep this blog fashion-focused, but I don't know. I guess some personal blogging doesn't hurt here and there.

So, I wanted to see this band, the Crystal Stilts, but both shows were sold out in NYC. They were opening for Deerhunter, which I guess is a popular band. I wouldn't know. The Crystal Stilts are a local Brooklyn band, so I'm like NBD, they'll play again.  Well, apparently, they're going on a world tour. Who knows when they'll be back. Friday night, they were playing in Philadelphia, which is about 2 hours away by bus from NYC.

Of course, after the show, there'd be no place to stay, so we'd eventually just have to sleep outside somewhere until the bus left in the morning. We've done this gutterpunk BS before (this is how I know I married the right guy... only he'd say "yeah sure! sounds like a great idea!"). It wasn't about the band--they're good, but this isn't like NIN Woodstock '94--but an adventure! But the show was in a dodgy part of town and we'd be spending the night outside in one of the worst 'hoods in Philli, unless we wanted to take like a $50 cab ride to somewhere nicer. So much for that.

Well, if I couldn't see that generic brooklyn indie hipster band, I want to see SOME brooklyn indie hipster band. So I headed out to underground Bushwick music venue Shea Stadium. I haven't been there for years--Is the place still cool? Are all the kids going somewhere else these days?

Anyway, pictures of my friday night:

stopped at Wash Square Park on the way, saw a puppeteer and a squirrel.
Waited about an hour at U Square.
watched the hari krishna people for a while

chess dudes
skull vodka! really overpaid for this.

most brooklyn picture ever. rooftop ledge drink mixin

coke weed

coke weed

outfit shot in the bathroom of the venue. lol actually the lighting isn't too bad. pretty boring outfit, but I DID come straight from work. 

Concluded with more drinks at Anchor Inn, which isn't too far away. Great metal bar.

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