Monday, September 23, 2013

Leather Harnesses--still cool?

Remember the Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 show, with all the harnesses?
Amazing that was 2 years ago, right? 
and then came the imitations

All Saints... sigh I DROOLED over this. I'd go to the store just to VISIT this dress.
Then the imitations of the imitations
Unif, btw I tried this dress on at a store and... terrible
How the hell do you wash a dress with a leather harness on it? Well you could just buy the harness itself. These appeared around the same time. 
Zana Bayne. Seriously, this look begins and ends with this designer.... one day
another zana bayne....even though i hate bathtub pics
elif domanic, who apparently doesn't sell anything unless you're a celebrity?
Even at Asos!
also at Asos. Just kidding.

of course etsy has many many 

I obviously can't afford the $200+ leather harness that I love so dear. Two years ago, I thought my financial situation would be better... lol not so. I'm thinking to DIY some of my favorite designs. You just need some leather and hardware... seems easy enough. some of these look no-sew. 

2 years later... still cool, guys? what are your favorite looks that you've seen? Link below... I'd love to see them!


  1. I'm still drooling over those, I've been wanting a harness together with my boyfriend only because it looks like what Depech Mode's keyboardist used to wear, and of curse the heavenly look of Blixa Bargeld of Einstuerzende Neubauten. Those are my favorite looks. I hope to find a harness super cheap one day, I can wait...

    1. haha I wish my boy would want a harness, but he's more the romantic goth type.

  2. Is it possible to get them cheaper in fetish shops? They might also be better made - they don't seem too difficult to DIY, though.

    1. possibly, but the fetish harnesses have a certain "look" to them that might scream "fetish" instead of "fashion," like our manly gladiator friend up there. Thanks for the write up in your monthly roundup!!

  3. I'd still love one.