Sunday, October 6, 2013

Purses that I love

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I REALLY don't understand purses. This is an area where I never, ever splurge. My mother and sister love purses and they spend hundreds of dollars for something that...just looks like a purse. It has some purse-y hardware like knobs and clips and buckles and studs. Some pockets. Straps, some useful, some not. But it just looks like a purse. BORING. Whenever they ask if I like their new purse, I have a hard time not saying "it looks like ALL of your other purses"

So, these are the purses I like, arranged loosely by price.

The super-high end stuff is conceptual and visually interesting. That Asher Levine squid-like bag was the first bag I fell in love with. Wowzers. Also, I love natural wood*, and I'd imagine the ebony clutch up there (click on the picture to get the sourcing's all on polyvore) would be light and a joy to hold.

Fringe bags are very versatile as is the brown suitcase-type bag up there by Frye. This kind of style looks better in brown IMO, since black looks too corporate. I love military-inspired backpacks--and not just cause I'm rivethead-at-heart. Or because I love the hobo street-kid look. Backpacks usually indicate adventure and travel to me, and this kind of bag design intensifies that. Also POCKETS.

My low-priced bags are probably the most wearable. I love bags that you just open and grab what you need. I hate fussing with clips and zips and whatever. Also, leather is so damn heavy.  I've been trying to build some muscle, but omg. Which is why I love love canvas totebags. They keep everything you need in the least amount of material, are light, and have cool patterns. The hologram tote up there is a cool upgrade and I personally love the t-shirt backpack. This has been in my DIY pile forever. They're so light and comfortable! Ring clutches are probably the only bag I wouldn't be embarrassed to dance with.

Thoughts? What's your favorite bag?

*I hope there's going to be more wood patterns in the future. I first saw this two years ago and I'm praying that the trend will take off one day!!! All I have are these leggings and some wood earrings...Still on the lookout. Always.


  1. I really dislike handbags in general, don't understand them either, not to mention I believed that people waste too much money on those things...
    I only carry a cloth side bag, like a plastic bag but made of cloth, dunno how it's called. My first one said Berlin on it, my current says "by any means necessary end racism".
    That blessed be bag looks beautiful, that's really my style :)

  2. I don't really care for purses either, I just get one, that suits all my clothes, so I don't have to bother swapping them...