Saturday, March 8, 2014

Vaguely Ethnic Outfit Post

After doing my vaguely ethnic septum rings post, I've been liking the idea of vaguely ethnic clothing. Vague being the key phrase here. I'm not talking about sticking a fez cap on or wearing a Native American poncho or whatever. I'm talking about completely original ideas that are mostly fantasy. Think Star Trek or fantasy books about fictional cultures. Not cultural appropriation. 

I saw this sweater on the clothing rack and it just looked like it was from an alien world. I was never more sure of anything in my life when I tried it on. I think this is going to be my new signature look. I wore it to the office yesterday.

This is my normal face. I'm not pissed off!

The designer is Gary Graham and it's woven from baby alpaca. Heavenly to wear. And yes, I definitely bought it on sale. I've never heard of this designer, but his stuff is exactly the vaguely ethnic stuff I've been thinking about:

I don't own any ethnic-looking septum rings, so I just wore two rings through my piercing for a layered look. 

Here's my hair. porcupine hairsticks and I braided a piece.

you know WHAT... why do the mirror selfies always show your outfit best?

detail. The sun colored this with a warm glow. It's very beige in color.

Gary Graham tunic sweater Fall 14 (or 13..too lazy to look it up)
Dollar store fleece leggings

Maya organic 22k gold bone and bunch design 
2-inch hoochie hoop black captive
amethyst plugs 
14g gold septum clicker
18g gold-colored titanium seamless ring (also worn through septum)
random nose stud

2 porcupine quills used as hairsticks (I did a hairstick post in January, for those interested)

Hope I'm not spooking out my dark fashion readers with this most undark look! Give it to me in the comments below.   


  1. Love the look! it looks very comfortable and snuggly, might try it in all black one day :) Love your hair!

  2. Looking awesome! I have a vaguely similar black wool drapey-thing that I need to post about some time soon. Cultural appropriation is something I'm always wary of, and should always be considered when it comes to 'ethnic' fashion. (P.s. you may like my most recent post about CV Dazzle, given your love of Cyberpunk.)

    1. I loved your post! I'm still crazy in love with cyberpunk, despite my recent diversions. Maybe I'll combine them into a Matrix Zion look. Yeah, cultural appropriation is really tasteless and it honestly looks soo soo stupid.

  3. I love everything on you, especially your outfit and hair too!
    Btw, Im following you on GFC! :)

  4. I love your outfit, and I am dying for all those Gary Graham clothes!

    1. thanks :) and yeah...that was a great collection

  5. Intriguing look; you carry it beautifully. Love those Gary Graham photos, too. I'm also drawn to drapey things lately. Cosmic forces at work, no doubt . . .